How to Fix Dysfunctional Fingerprint Scanner on Phones with Android OS

When you ask how to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner, you can find all the best answers here. It will fix the issue in no time at all.

The methods on how to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner on Android devices are often sought by a lot of people out there. New phones these days have been completed by fingerprint scanner to lock and unlock the device using the owner’s fingerprint, instead of using old-fashioned pattern or PIN.

That is why the phone is given the scanner just below the screen or on the back by the rear camera. However, sometimes damages and errors can happen to the scanner. As the result, you won’t be able to open the phone easily.

How to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner

Thankfully, there are several solutions to this dysfunctional fingerprint scanner problem. Some of them will be displayed down below. Before that, these are several factors that may cause the errors. Read them well to understand what really cause the issue.

Factors to Cause Errors on Fingerprint Scanner

  1. Damaged fingerprint sensor. The dysfunctional fingerprint scanner is caused by physical damage on the scanner, like when the scanner is broken after great fall.
  2. Dysfunction on the software. The issue is caused by not updating the software of the phone to the latest one.
  3. Dirty or wet surface on the fingerprint sensor surface.
  4. Fingerprint pattern has changed. It is normally caused by slash, wounds, burns, blisters, or swollen on the finger.

Solutions to Fix Dysfunctional Fingerprint Scanner

Solution #1: Leaving phone to the professionals

The first solution on how to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner is to bringing the phone to the professionals. This seems very obvious but when the device is physically damaged and you can see cracks and dents on the scanner, there is nothing more you can do but bringing the phone to the pros.

Solution #2: Updating phone's software

The next solution to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner is to update the software on the phone to the latest one. Using old version of the software can probably cause errors, especially on the fingerprint scanner. Connect the phone to reliable Wi-Fi and then go to “Setting” and update the phone’s software there.

Solution #3: Cleaning the fingerprint surface

Sometimes, the scanner is error because it is dirty and wet. The conditions make it impossible for the scanner to properly scan a finger. So, how to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner in this case? It is very simple, actually. All you need to do is just cleaning the surface. Use a damp cloth (wetted by alcohol) to clean the scanner and let it dry completely.

Solution #4: Deleting registered fingerprint

If your finger is physically damaged, like getting a cut or being swollen, the fingerprint won’t get recognized by the phone anymore. The only thing that you can do here is deleting the registered fingerprint and then enters a new one using another finger. That will at least help solving dysfunctional fingerprint scanner temporarily.

So, how to remove the registered fingerprint and then add a new one? The step-by-step to do that and fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner can be read here. Follow the steps precisely and you can fix the issue as quick as possible.
  1. Go to "Setting" and remove registered fingerprint there. 
    Image Source:
  2. Then, turn off "Screen Locking Sounds" by selecting "Settings" and then "Sounds and Vibration
    Image Source:
  3. Go back to "Setting" and select "Lock Screen and Password". Then, go to the "Add Your Fingerprint" section. 
    Image Source:
  4. Press your finger on the fingerprint sensor to enter and register fingerprint.
Those are some of the best solutions you can have to fix the issue. Now, you do not have to worry about not being able to scan your fingerprint anymore. By knowing all the solutions on how to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner above, the problem can be solved immediately.

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