Solving Error 506 in Google Play Store with Several Methods

Error 506 may occur while installing or updating the application in Google PlayStore. Some methods are reliable for solving this issue.

You may encounter issue called Error 506 when upgrading new app or installing one. This problem seems to be common in Google Play due to several factors. Until now, there is no single factor why such error appears. When this happens, the app will stop suddenly, even though downloading or updating process is nearly done.

This error creates pop-up message “app could not be downloaded due to error 506”. After closing this message, you can try again from beginning. Unfortunately, the result is still similar. Your installation process cannot be done even though starting point is at perfect process. When download is less than 95%, this error can appear again. You already try several times, but there is no good result at all.

Error 506

The cause of Error 506 is still unknown. You may try to download and update the same apps via different smartphone. This error does not appear and everything is working perfectly. You use another phone again, and the error occurs but only at second try is solved. In order to overcome this problem, you can try several methods that will be explained in the following section.

Clearing Cache and Data

Clearing cache is the simplest way in solving error 506. You can use this method to get rid of cache and data in Google PlayStore.
  1. Open setting and select app manager
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  2. Find Google Play Store and tap storage. 
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  3. Clear cache and force stop.
  4. Restart the device and download from beginning.

Replace SD Card

You may use SD Card as additional storage for application. This setting might create error due to unrecognizable process. You can unmount this card and replace it from slot. Turn off your phone and wait ten seconds. Start again and access Google PlayStore. Download the app and check if error 506 is solved.
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Storage setting

  1. Open setting
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  2. Choose preferred location for installation. 
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  3. Select internet storage or let you decide.
Some devices cannot work properly with SD card. It happens because the smartphone is old or the Android version does not support new card. In that case, you need to rely on internal storage. Error 506 occurs because the application does not recognize storage setting. You may put SD card again after the installation process is done.

Remove and add account

If all methods for solving error 506 are not reliable, you must try the next one. Removing and adding the account should be a good way to get rid of this error. Before doing this method, make sure you remember the password, and phone number is valid.
  1. Open setting section and go to account
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  2. Remove all accounts in your phone. 
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  3. Go to home screen and tap Google Play Store.
  4. Login from beginning and wait until account is verified.
  5. Start installing new app.
Besides above steps, you can add accounts from setting area. Follow the below instructions for further steps.
  1. Go to setting.
  2. Tap account and add new account.
  3. Fill all necessary form and wait until the account is done.
  4. Go to Google PlayStore and check the account information.
  5. Install new app.
As you can see, the process is quite similar. Error 506 occurs because the account has issue. In that case, you need to start from beginning with new account. However, it does not mean your account is completely new with different email. Users are necessary to utilize previous one since the verification is via phone number.

Install Apk Version

As it mentioned above, error 506 happens during application update or installation. As alternative, you may try to do installation via apk version. Download the apk app and install it after the permission is approved. After that, you can go to PlayStore and update it automatically. If the apk comes from official source, the update will recognize your latest version.

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