Fixing Error: 927 "Can't Updating Apps" with Few Methods

Error: 927 may appear due to various issues. In order to overcome this problem, you can try several methods that will be explained in the following section.

Android uses Google PlayStore to do installation, but certain issue might occur, called Error: 927. You may see this issue from pop-up message when installation process is forced to stop. In general, user may try again and see if this error appears again. However, many attempts create the same result.

Solving this error should be done as immediate action since you cannot install other apps from PlayStore. If ths issue is only for single app, you may consider apk version. Unfortunately, the problem happens every time you try, and the result is still Error 927.

Error: 927 "Can't Updating Apps"

Next section will show several methods on how to solve this problem. You do not need to worry because all steps are simple and familiar. In fact, the problem does not need technical proficiency. You only follow the procedures, and the problem disappears automatically.

Method 1: Clearing Cache and Date in Google Play Store

First method in solving Error: 927 is to ensure all caches have to be cleared. For your information, caches and data take previous information and control the setting to app. In that case, you should delete all of them and make the app to be cleaned.
  • Open Setting and tap app manager.
  • Find Google PlayStore
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  • Tap for clearing cache and data. 
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  • For different phone, choose storage and tap clear cache.
  • Restart and visit Google PlayStore.

Method 2: Uninstall Recent Update

Second method to overcome Error 927 is by uninstalling recent update that occurs in Google PlayStore. All Google apps receive updates regularly. You will see update notification to particular app. After the update is done, the system will recognize new version.

The source of Error: 927 might come from the latest update that's not compatible to device and network. For solution, you need to get rid of the old one and bring back the version that's compatible to yours. Follow the below steps for further instruction.
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  • Open Setting and app manager.
  • Go to Google PlayStore and choose uninstall update.
  • Close all apps and restart smartphone.

Method 3: Manage Account

After two attempts, you may see Error 927 again and the next method will be useful to fix it. You need to manage the account, which means removing existing account and add the new one. Keep in mind this process takes precaution action.

You should backup data and all related information. Removing account will affect synchronize configuration. However, the process of fixing Error: 927 does not change the entire phone. Besides, you only remove yours and add again from beginning.
  • Open Setting and tap Apps (other phones may be App Manager).
  • Tap Account and choose yours. 
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  • Delete or remove then close all apps. 
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  • Restart and wait until the phone is ready.
  • Go to Account setting and add new one 
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  • Synchronize all data.
  • Visit Google PlayStore and install the app directly.

Method 4: Install Via Apk Version

You need immediate installation to particular the app. Solving Error 927 take time and effort. As solution, you should try the installation via apk file. This kind of file is raw app from official developer. For your information, all Android apps use files type .apk that's similar to .exe on windows app.

You need to download from official source. Installation requires permission due to unknown source. You can provide this setting and wait until the process is done. Your app might be the old version and need update. Just visit Google PlayStore then update directly.

Based on the methods above, you can apply to other errors. In fact, most of errors do not need complicated fixing method. As long as the device is compatible and the network is stable, the rest will be easy. That’s what you need to know about Error: 927.

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