How to solve Error 963 in Android smartphone

Updating app may lead to Error 963 because of several factors. In that case, you must find the problems and fix the Google Play Store immediately.

One of common problems in Android smartphone is Error 963. You may experience this kind of error while updating new apps. Besides, the error also occurs when the device tries to obtain and download directly from Google Play Store.

For your information, Error 963 does not only happen just at particular phone brand or type. If the devices use Android, there is a chance for having this error. You must fix it immediately to avoid crash and expected situation. For such purpose, several methods will help solving this problem.

Before exploring methods one by one, you should know why this error appears. Usually, pop-up message shows, for example the device cannot download the app or similar lines. At first, you still see the updating progress. Unfortunately, the system terminates the updating session, and this message appears.

Error 963

Here are the factors which trigger Error 963 in Google Play Store. Most of them are common things. Once you understand the issue behind this situation, solving is not difficult task anymore.
  1. App cache: the app cache from Play Store might become the main issue.
  2. Google Play Store version: the recent update might not compatible to your device.
  3. SD card: you uses SD card to store the app.

Three methods to solve Error 963

Now, you understand why Error 963 appears. The next section will explore three common ways you can use for fixing it. Each has brief explanation and instructions with simple steps.

Method 1: clearing cache

  1. Open Setting, and tap "Apps" then choose "All
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  2. Click Google Play Store then clear cache, including data 
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  3. Back to list of app and then select the error app you try updating 
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  4. Clear cache and data
  5. Reboot the device
After doing the steps above, you can re-download the app again. Clearing cache has been the most popular one for many errors in Android devices. You can try this one and see if the method completely works. You do not need to worry because the cache does not change your device configuration.

Method 2: SD card unmounted

Some users add SD card for additional storage. Usually, it is for storing file and media. On the other hand, SD card is useful for installation area. The device with low disk capacity needs SD card for such purpose. Error 963 may appear because the SD card cannot recognize the update and download process.
  1. Open Setting and choose Storage. Select SD card and unmount it 
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  2. Go to Play Store and update or download the app that causes the problem 
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  3. If the update or download is succeed, just go to "Setting", choose "Storage" and remount the SD Card.
As alternative, you can move the error app to the internal storage first. However, if this method still does not work, you can replace the old SD card with new one after the unmounted process is done. The old one might not be capable for the latest update.

Method 3: uninstall the latest update

Google Play Store will update regularly. Most of users do not realize this process due to background mode. You can check in the app manager and see the latest version, including time update. Error 963 message might come from the latest update.
  1. Open Setting, tap Apps, and choose Play Store latest updates
  2. Update or re-download the app that causes Error 963.
You already apply those methods, but your device still has Error 963. When the exceptional situation occurs, you can try below options.
  1. Uninstall app and reinstall it again from Play Store 
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  2. Uninstall Google Play Store and download it again from official source 
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  3. Remove your account and email. Reboot the device and add the account with the same ID
You already know what to do when having Error 963. Try those methods above one by one. After that, check if the problem is solved completely.

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