Fixing Error Code 0 during App Installation and Update

Error code 0 will prevent you from doing installation and update from Google Play. Several methods to solve it will be discussed in this passage.

Several users are asked to perform troubleshooting due to Error code 0 when they are attempting to install or update an application from Google Play. User will be requested to try out installing or downloading the application again but sometimes this issue still persists.

Error Code 0

Why Does the Error Occur?

Normally, you would solve the issue of utilizing the application store by making sure that all unused caches and data are cleaned up from your hard drive. However, the reason for it to happen is unrelated to overloaded hard drive. Another issue is responsible for it.

After further analysis, it turns out that the latest release of this application store does file system assigned permission checking. The Error code 0 is likely to happen because one of two apps that are used to setup the permissions (TWRP customized recovery or SuperSU) did not perform appropriate setup.

Thus, you should correctly setup file permissions for the application store and other supporting apps in order to resolve this type of error. There are several setup procedures to fix Error code 0 on your own. The methods would be thoroughly explained in the next sections.

Setting Up File Permissions for the Application Store

The first task that you will need to do to fix the Error code 0 issue is attempting to setup file system permissions for your Google Play. Here are the steps to do it.
  • Open your phone and head to “Settings” 
  • Click on “Applications” and opt to see all applications installed in your device 
    Image Source:
  • Look for the application store on the list then click on the app’s name 
    Image Source:
  • Choose a sub menu named “App Permissions” 
    Image Source:
  • Move all toddler buttons to the right side to switch on the permissions

Setting Up File Permissions for Supporting App

After you have performed setup for the application store program, you can finally go to the next step which is to setup file permissions for Google Play Services. Here is how you do this procedure in fixing Error code 0 problems.
  • Access your phone and go to “Settings” menu
  • Tap on “Applications” and check all applications that are installed in your phone 
    Image Source:
  • Search for an application named “Google Play services” then click on the name 
    Image Source:
  • Choose a sub menu called “App permissions” 
    Image Source:
  • Switch all the toddler buttons to the right side and make sure that there is no button that is still on the left side. This process activates file permissions for those menus so that code 0 error no longer occurs
Usually performing one of the two aforementioned methods (or both) will be able to solve your Error code 0 issue. In some cases, though, the error still occurs even if you already do those methods. There is another method left to try.

Debug Bridge for Android to Setup File Permissions

You can use a method named Android Debug Bridge in order to solve Error code 0 issue in your smartphone. This process is slightly complicated than the other two methods. Here is the explanation of its steps.
  • Set your phone into “Recovery mode”. To do it you should press the volume up and power buttons (located at the side of your phone) at the same time
  • Use original USB cable to link your smartphone to a desktop computer or laptop
  • Access the command prompt then type the code to perform file permission setup
adb shell
chown -R media_rw:media_rw /data/media/
find /data/media/ -type d -exec chmod 775 {} ';'
find /data/media/ -type f -exec chmod 664 {} ';'4)
  • Click “Enter
  • Restart the smartphone
After you are doing the last step, you can finally attempt to download or update new application to your phone. The Error code 0 issue notice should appear no longer on your screen during that process. However, if it still does, you should contact the official store to receive assistance.

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