How to Deal with the Error Code 404

Understanding Error code 404 will help you to know how to fix it. You must wait until the server is fixed, and then try again accessing the Google Play Store.

Several issues may occur during downloading new app in Google Play Store, and one of them is Error code 404. Many users try several methods to overcome this situation. Unfortunately, most of them are failed and the error still appears. When this situation is out of control, your Google and Android will face the great risk.

Google Play Store has many apps, including games. Android users use this service for installing, downloading, and updating application. In general, all Android smartphones have Google Play Store. Obtaining the app from this service is recommended because only the verified apps and developers can provide the service and support.

Error code 404 Google Play

Knowing More about Error Code 404

However, Google Play Store does not always work as it should be. For example, sometimes you may encounter Error code 404. When this situation happens, few things are needed to assess. You should know why this error appears. After that, try some methods to fix it.

Interesting thing about this error is very familiar. When you access the internet via browser, this kind of error might appear as a message. You may access certain website, and the server cannot fulfill request. After several attempts, the homepage is still error with no further instructions on what to do.

Fortunately, Error code 404 is no longer available when you access it again after six hours. Some errors still occur, but the situation is solved the next day. You can continue access that website and no error happens again at the next attempts. It seems everything turns into normal without you do anything. This situation commonly happens when accessing website through browser.

What is Error code 404?

From explanation above, you can grasp the situation related to Error code 404. Browser, clients, and users send the request through network and certain contents must be delivered. The servers receive those requests, but cannot find what the request wants. In simple term, the contents are not available in server.

After that, the server will send message related to Error code 404. Google Play Store is an app or service integrated to Android platform. The data are stored and users can send the request. When you open this service, many apps are ready for installation. Those contents are stored in Google Play Store server.

When installing or downloading the app, the service sends request to server, and the server answers with sending content. However, this kind of error occurs because the content is not available in server. Another factor is failed sending, and users do not have permission.

Fixing Error code 404

Several ways are available for solving Error code 404. In general, users do not know what happen in the server. In that case, you may wait the next day and try again. Server will be in normal condition after consolidation. Sometimes, Google does the maintenance that affects the server. You must wait patiently because Google Play Store is the key service, and Google does not want any issues in the future.
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While waiting until Error 404 is no longer available, you can do several things. Clearing data and cache seems to be the good first step. Most errors are done just by clearing cache. You can access setting and find the application. Scroll down and choose Google Play Store. Tap and clear the cache, including data.

Some people suggest bringing back previous mode before the update is installed. You may try this option to obtain previous mode of Google Play Store. However, the result might not be significant. The update is installed in order to deliver utmost performance. You need new version while accessing the server after Error code 404 is fixed.

Google Play Store is official store for Android platform. If the service is down and not available in a moment, you may look for alternative. Some stores like Amazon, Yandex, Aptoide, Getjar, and Opera Mobile have the applications. Therefore, you have many ways until the Error code 404 is completely solved.

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