How to Solve Error Code 491 in Android Devices

Few ways are ready to handle error code 491, including reboot as the simplest way. If this method does not work, some options are available to try.

Android users may encounter error code 491 while downloading the app or game. They usually open Google PlayStore and install certain apps. However, the smartphone may show error notification through pop-up message. You can try again and wait until installation is done. As similar to first attempt, the error code still appears, and the result is similar for the third attempt.

You might ask why this situation happens frequently. Usually, finding the factor that creates Error code 491 is the first step before formulating the solutions. However, you might not know about the source of problems due to limited knowledge in Android platform. That’s why fixing immediately will be the best answer.

Error Code 491

Error code 491 is not difficult to fix as long as you follow few methods. The next sections will explain how to apply those methods one by one. You can try from the easiest one until the last method. If one option works, there is no need for another one.

Method 1: Restart Smartphone

The easiest way for fixing Error code 491 is rebooting or restarting your smartphone. Most of issues will be solved as long as there is no significant failure in system. You may hold the power button and choose the turn off option. After one minute, turn on your smartphone and check if the error does not appear anymore.

Keep in mind you must turn off and turn on the smartphone, not restart it. If you choose "restart", the system does not rest, and the chance for not fixed is higher. On contrary, turn off option gives the phone resting for a moment before starting again from beginning.

Method 2: Clear Cache in Google Play Service and Store

Error code 491 occurs may be because of the cache and data that's no longer reliable. For solving this problem, just delete them and start again from the fresh app. Follow the below instruction for further steps.
  • Open Setting and app manager.
  • Choose Google Play Service
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  • Tap and hold then delete the cache, including data. 
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    Image Source:
  • In another phone, tap storage and delete all cache.
  • Repeat those steps for Google PlayStore.
  • Close all apps and restart the system.
You should delete cache in Google Play Service and Store simultaneously. Usually, PlayStore is enough if the app you want does not utilize Service. However, in solving Error code 491, it is better to get rid of both caches. You need to ensure that everything is done properly.

Method 3: Delete and Add Google Account

Another way to overcome error code 491 is via account management. You can remove the account from existing list and then re-add again with the same account. The error might happens because the account has issue that affects the device's compatibility.
  • Open Setting and tap Account.
  • Choose Google and remove existing account. 
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  • Close all apps and reboot the device. 
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  • Go to Setting and Account then add new one.
  • Open Google PlayStore and start installing new app.
You only delete the account that's available in Google. In general, all accounts in Android will be synchronized automatically. When you remove one account, there is a chance that the smartphone does not work temporarily. You should backup the necessary data before removing this account.

Method 4: Dalvik Cache

The next option for fixing error code 491 is more sophisticated than the previous ones. You need to get rid of cache inside Delvik folder. For your information, this folder is accessible through recovery mode. Make sure to read the manual and check how to access this mode in your phone.
  • Reboot and choose recovery mode. 
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  • Choose Advanced Wipe and find Dalvik cache
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  • Delete all files inside Dalvik cache folder.
  • Reboot and start from normal mode. 
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  • Go to Google PlayStore and install new app.
Each method above will help in fixing error code 491. Some users are lucky because the error does not appear next day. This situation is rare, and you should check the methods above for problem solving.

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