Error Code 910: Four Possible Approaches to Take Care of It

Notice of "Error code 910" may appear when you try to download big multimedia app. How can you deal with such situation to get your desired app?

Android users may experience Error code 910 when attempting to download multimedia related applications to their devices. Usually, this error happens when user is trying to install games and video platforms. You will be recommended to perform troubleshooting, but what is the cause of this error?

Error Code 910

After careful analysis toward user’s reports, it seems like there are two major causes that can incite this particular problem.
  1. Error code 910 does not occur due to the installation of multimedia apps but because of other reasons, most likely unstable internet connection.
  2. Unfixed bugs which may exist in the current version of Google Play Store. Therefore, many users demand for the developer to update it.
Seeing the possible causes for this error, you might be wondering if you can possibly deal with Error code 910 on your own. There are several approaches that you can attempt to do in solving this issue.

Recovering the App Store Downloading Issue with Simple Steps

1. Fixing Internet Connection

As stated previously, internet connection (usually Wi-Fi connection but it can be your phone data package in some cases) might be responsible for inciting type 910 error in your device. The problem might originate from your Wi-Fi modem or even your Android device. Therefore, you must check the connection first.
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Perhaps your router or phone’s internet connection does not work properly. In that case, you can restart one of the devices. If the issue is related to the DNS server malfunction you can input “” into the “Setting” menu of your network server. Place the code beside space for DNS.

2. Clearing the Cache and Data in Google Play Store

You can also attempt to deal with Error code 910 by clearing the data and cache in your app store. First you can attempt to clear the cache first because your data is precious. You can perform this task from Settings menu. There, you will be able to find the list of applications. Choose “Google Play Store” then opt to clear its caches.
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If Error code 910 still occurs in this case, you may need to repeat the similar steps as mentioned above. However, this time, instead of cleaning up caches, you will need to clear up your data. All settings and changes that you have made will disappear from the record.

Usually, this method is sufficient to help you dealing with this issue. In some cases, though, you may need to perform some other cleanings. They will be discussed in the next points.

3. Clearing the Cache and Data in Google Services Framework

Sometimes clearing cache and data in the app store is not enough to solve Error code 910. If so, you can perform cache and data clearing for your Google Services Framework. You need to use the Settings menu since this app does not appear in your menu.
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From the Settings, you should look for the application name. After that, you can finally delete its cache and data. See if the error is still happening because you may need to perform another clearance.

4. Clearing the Cache and Data in Google Play Services

The last step if the previous three approaches are not enough to solve Error code 910 is clearing the cache and data in your Google Play Services. You need to go to Settings to perform this task too because the app does not appear in the menu. Then you can clear your cache and data from this app from there.

The last alternative if all the aforementioned approaches do not work is to back down the version of your app store to the previous one. It helps preventing the Error code 910 from happening again.

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