Error Retrieving Information from Server DF-DLA-15 and How to Fix It

Several methods are ready for fixing error retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15. You just choose one of them and confirm it.

Many Android users experience “error while retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15”. This kind of error occurs during installing the app from Google PlayStore. They might try again with the same app, but the result is inevitable. This error message still appears in their phone.

The source of this issue is still unknown. The error message appears because something is not in proper order, either in your device or Android service. On the other side, only small amount of users are proficient in technology. The rest only use smartphone for their daily task and work.

Error Retrieving Information from Server DF-DLA-15

Several methods are available for solving this issue. They are easy to follow, even though you are not good at complex fixing instruction. The next section will show how to solve error retrieving information from server.

Method 1: Clear Cache and Date

The simplest way when this error retrieving information from server occurs is you just clear the cache and data. Clearing will be for Google PlayStore and Google Play Service. Follow the below steps for further instruction.
  • Open Setting and tap the app or app manager
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  • Find Google PlayStore
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  • Tap and hold then clear cache and data simultaneously. For another device, choose storage and clear cache as well as data. 
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  • Go to the app list and look for Google Play Service
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  • Clear cache with the same steps as previous one.
After the clearing is done, go to PlayStore and try to download. If this method cannot fix the error retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15, you need to try the next way.

Method 2: Dalvik Cache

The next method related to error while retrieving information from server requires a little bit technical proficiency. However, all steps are simple and you do not have to worry about complex things. In order to overcome this error, you will clear the Dalvik Cache. This name may sound unfamiliar, but Dalvik is important part in Android system.

This method needs root access. For simplicity, you only install the Root File Manager or Root Explorer. Both are available in apk version. Further instruction will be at below steps.
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  • After the app installation is done, go to Dalvik menu.
  • Tap and clear all files in Dalvik folder.
  • Reboot your smartphone and try updating the app.
This method works when the smartphone is already rooted. If you have smartphone that still uses vendor platform, the next section will be the right option for solving error while retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15.

Method 3: Uninstall the New Update

Error retrieving information from server might be compatibility issue before and after the Google PlayStore updates. As you know, this app will update automatically in order to obtain recent version. You will see notification related to update version and progress.
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When the error appears, you can uninstall recent update and keep the app as it was. Go to setting and app section then find Google PlayStore. Choose uninstall update and wait until the configuration is done. Reboot you phone and start to download the same app.

Method 4: Payment Detail

Before you download or update the app, check whether the app needs payment or not. When your payment is not enough, the process will be stopped in the middle of updating. Therefore, check the payment detail and make sure you have enough balance in it.

Method 5: New Account

Another method for solving error retrieving information from server is new account. You do not need to remove the old one. Go to setting and tap the account. Add new one and fill necessary information. New account is fresh and ready to download anything.

Method 6: Unmounts SD Card

If you use SD Card for additional app store, it is better to unmounts it immediately. The error might appear because the app and smartphone cannot recognize SD Card.
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Go to setting and tap the storage. Hold SD Card section and choose unmounts. That’s how you fix the error retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15.

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