How to Fix Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01

Error retrieving information from server RH-01 occurs in Android devices due to some issues. The solutions are not complex, and users can apply them easily.

Several Android users encounter problem related to Error retrieving information from server RH-01. This error message may appear while you try updating or downloading the app. You just visit Google Play Store and update the app. While in progress, pop-up message shows this error.

From that Error retrieving information, you see error related to server. Google Play Store is service that keeps all application for Android smartphone. When the server cannot send what client request, the error is inevitable. However, this kind of error is not solely from server. Some devices use custom ROM, and the server cannot recognize it.
Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01

As user, you do not need to worry about this situation. In fact, the error is easy to overcome with several methods. To know more about the solutions, the next section will explore them one by one.

Solution 1: restart smartphone

First solution for solving Error retrieving information from server RH-01 is restarting the device. This is the simplest method that commonly works. Restart will make the device turns into fresh condition. You should try this one as the first method.

Solution 2: adjust time and date

If restarting is not enough for fixing Error retrieving information, the next solution is you must check the date and time. Android uses the setting based on user location. When the date and time does not suit to the device, error might happen.
  1. Go to setting and find "date and time
    Image Source:
  2. Make sure the date and time is in correct state. 
    Image Source:
  3. The Time Zone should be correct as well or you can choose the manual setting. 
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  4. Set time and date to your recent location, and then save the changing.

Solution 3: clear cache and data

The next solution for Error retrieving information is by clearing the data and cache in Google Play Store. In fact, most errors come from application that cannot recognize the server due to overlapping cache. Therefore, you need to delete the existing cache and start it again from beginning.
  1. Open Setting, and then click the Application manager. 
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  2. Tap "all apps" and find Google Play Store then click it. 
    Image Source:
    Image Source:
  3. Tap "clear cache", "clear data", and "force stop". 
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  4. Do the same way for Download Manager app and Google Service Framework.
  5. Restart the device.
Keep in mind this method does not change the device setting. Cache is stored in internal storage but it is part of the app. You only need to clear any information, data, and file that related to Google Play Store from previous activity.

Some devices have different application manager. Mostly, they put all apps in setting to make clearing cache easy. On the other hand, old Android versions use different interface. However, all of them have similarity regarding the cache feature. After restart, check again if Error retrieving information is solved.

Solution 4: remove and re-add the account

Another solution for Error retrieving information from server RH-01 will focus on account manager. Android is the platform that relies on Google service. Users must create account when accessing all apps and features. The error might occur due to account issue. In that case, you can remove existing one, and re-add again the Google account.
  1. Open Setting 
    Image Source:
  2. Tap the Account manager 
    Image Source:
  3. Tap the option of Google 
    Image Source:
  4. There, you will find your account and then just remove it. 
    Image Source:
  5. Next, restart your phone and go back to Account manager.
  6. Re-add your account
Well, the account does not have to be new. You only need to remove it, and then re-add it again from beginning. After that, wait until the device does synchronization to all apps, settings, and services. The process takes time but it will be done in short time, and Error retrieving information is no longer available.

From the methods above, you can pick them one by one until Error retrieving information from server RH-01 is fixed. If the issue is related to custom ROM, you must bring it back to standard version.

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