Fix the Error of “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”

There are several ways to overcome “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”. You can try them one by one until the issue is solved completely.

You may often encounter “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” while exploring your phone. This massage appears as pop-up notification, and then Google Play Service is stopped immediately. Several factors are the reasons why this issue occurs. Besides, you must check Android configuration and setting in your own device.

Another factor why your phone shows “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” is related to compatibility and connection issues. As you know, Android needs internet connection, and all services require data. You are accessing Google Play Service, such as playing game, but the connection is lost and this message will appear. This app is forced to stop and close immediately due to lack of data.

Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped

“Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” might happen when you change the setting or configuration. Android phone has fixed and default system that will affect platform when certain part is changed. As user, you can modify that setting related to Google Play Service. When you open this app, you may see the error message, and the app is forced to close automatically.

For the compatibility, your phone still uses old Android, and there is no update for new Google Play. As the result, you cannot open new games or apps via this service. Compatibility issue usually occurs in specific phone vendors. In order to overcome this problem, several methods will help for fix “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”. More about this case is explained in the following sections.

Method 1: Clearing Cache

The simplest way for fixing “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” is rebooting. You just hold the power button and reboot the phone from beginning. Unfortunately, reboot doesn’t bring Google Play Service into normal state. You need clearing cache and data in this app.
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  • Open Setting and choose App manager.
  • Tap All and choose Google Play Service.
  • Tap Clear Cache.
  • Restart the device.
Clearing cache is common way when having issue related to “Google Play Services has stopped”. In fact, most of users will consider this way. The cache in app utilizes data and recognizes what user needs.

You do not need to worry when clearing cache in this app. There is no file or important data that will lost. Keep in mind the cache is stored in particular folder, and it is accessible through the app itself. When clearing this part, your phone still has the latest setting, but Google Play Service is back into the normal mode.

Method 2: Reset Preference

After clearing cache, you may reset Google Play Service preference into default mode. Tap more and find the reset preference section. Choose this part and then tap. Wait until the device configures all setting into default mode.
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This method is good option when you do not know what settings have been changed by yourself. Instead fixing “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” on your own, it is better to restart from default.

Method 3: Remove and Re-Add Account

Google Play Service uses account when accessing all setting, data, and configuration. The problem “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” might be from the account setting. For solving this issue, you must remove existing account and re-add it again with yours.
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  • Open Setting and tap Account manager.
  • Tap existing account and remove or delete it.
  • Close all apps and restart the device.
  • Go to Account manager again and re-add your account.
  • Wait until the synchronization is done.
  • Open Google Play Service.
Google Play Service is the feature that's always available in Android phone. Google uses this app to expand service, such as marketplace, book, game, music, and other. You can access many files, reading book, playing game, buying things, and other activities through this service.

In addition, Google Play Service has important part especially for gamers. When the service cannot be accessed, you need quick and reliable solution for “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”.

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