Tips to Fix Pokemon Go Issue "GPS Signal Not Found"

Encountering "GPS signal not found" error is not pleasing at all when playing Pokemon Go. You can find out the solution to get rid of it here.

GPS signal not found is one of most annoying issues encountered by the players of that popular game. In order to play the game, you will need reliable internet connection. You have to get connected to internet. Otherwise, there is no way that you can get the game started. Also, the game required the use of GPS. Pokemon Go is basically about tracking Pokemons, and it won’t be easy without the help of GPS. That's why when the game is played; GPS will have to stay on.

Unfortunately, players often complain about the sudden error of “GPS signal not found”. When the error happens, the game will end abruptly. You won’t be able to hunt down more Pokemons. This issue is heavily related to the GPS setting of the device, though.

GPS Signal Not Found

Thankfully, the issue can be fixed in several different ways. There are three main solutions to help fixing this annoying issue. Here they are:
  1. Enabling GPS Tracker
  2. Improving GPS Signal by changing your location
  3. Turning off "Mock Location"
Here are the explanations about each solution. It will help you to solve the “GPS signal not found” issue when playing Pokemon Go.

Solution #1: Enabling GPS Tracker

The first solution here to make sure that the “GPS signal not found” error won’t bother you anymore is by enabling GPS tracker. Playing Pokemon Go won’t be smooth if the tracker for GPS on the device is turned off.
  1. Open the phone's "Settings
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  2. Select "Privacy and Safety" and then "Location
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  3. Turn on the "Location Access
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  4. Select "Location Mode"
  5. Tap on Mobile Network, Wi-Fi, and GPS

Solution #2: Improving GPS Signal

The next solution to deal with “GPS signal not found” problem is to improve the GPS signal. Sometimes, everything is indeed fine and everything on the phone is set correctly. The problem is in the location where you are staying. The location can be too remote or too crowded so the GPS signal and tracker won’t be able to work properly there.

The best solution if this is the case is to move. Move from that location and see if you still get the same GPS signal not found Pokemon Go problem in the new location. If you do not, then the problem is solved. The problem is in the previous location Changing your location can certainly improve the GPS signal on the phone and thus playing Pokemon Go can be done smoothly.

Solution #3: Turning off "Mock Location"

The last solution of “GPS signal not found” problem here is to turn off the “Mock Location”. Follow this step-by-step tutorial down below:
  1. Go to "Setting", then "About Phone", then "Build Number"
  2. On the "Build Number" option, tap it 7 times until "You are now a developer" message appears on screen. 
    Image Source:
  3. Go back to "Setting" and then "Developer Option
    Image Source:
  4. Tap on "Allow Mock Location" and then turn it off. 
    Image Source:
If none of them above are working properly and the GPS signal is still not in good condition, there are several things that you can do. These steps are simple and can be found on the Android setting but it is highly helpful to remove the problem of “GPS signal not found”.
  • Turning the device off and then turning it back on (restart).
  • Upgrading the Pokemon Go game to its latest version (use Google PlayStore).
  • Check the battery setting, disable the battery save mode.
  • Switch the mobile network from 3G to 4G.
  • Disable airplane mode. Try to turn it on for a while and then turn it back off.
Those solutions should be able to keep the issue away. From now on, playing Pokemon Go can be done smoothly without having to experience the sudden error telling you that “GPS signal not found”. Try those solutions one by one and you will be able to solve the error right away.

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