How to Cancel a Google Play Subscription: Guideline for Android Users

How to cancel a Google Play subscription that you no longer use? The steps are very easy and you can do it on your own at home.

Is it possible to learn how to cancel a Google Play subscription? Before learning the steps, it will be good if you understand the overview of this app’s paid subscription program. Android user gets various offers off applications. While some of these applications are offered for free, you need to pay to use the other applications.

When you install one of these paying applications, your account is automatically subscribing to the application. The payment made at the beginning is not one time only. Google Pay, which is attached to Play Store, will be recording user’s payment method in order to establish recurring subscription bill. You can always cancel a Google Play subscription, though.
How to Cancel a Google Play Subscription

There is one point to note about the subscription system in the phone’s application store. Some users think that uninstalling a paying app means automatic unsubscribing. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If you do not cancel a Google Play subscription, you will still be charged with subscription fee even after uninstalling the application.

Many users do not realize that they are subscribing to app services. A portion of them continue to use paying app without knowing about recurring payment system. Meanwhile other users tend to forget that they have subscribed to an app that has never been used or even uninstalled. If you are one of these users, you may only realize the problem when your bill has inexplicable components in it.

If you are using paid application regularly, then you are getting your money’s worth. But unused paid apps only drain your wallet. Let’s learn how to cancel Google Play subscription in the following part.

Cancelling Subscription in Google Play

To cancel a Google Play subscription, you need to access the application store first. Once you have opened the app, you can head to menu which is located at the top left corner of that page. Click on “Subscription” menu which is located at the third place from the top.
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In the “Subscription” menu, you will be able to see the full list of your paying subscriptions. On each subscription plan, you will see a “Manage” button. Click on that button which is located near the app you want to unsubscribe.
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How to cancel Google Play subscription after that? Your next task to tap on option named “Cancel Subscription”. This will stop you from paying for that application in the following future. There will be a pop up message saying that you can still access your paid app until the due date. But after that date, since you will no longer be charged with fee, the app cannot be used anymore.
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Of course, you can definitely still subscribe to the application next time if you want to. The step to do it would be similar to the first time you are subscribing to that application. You have to make sure that you are going to utilize the app regularly, though, so there is no money going to waste.

Some people may fail to see subscription list when they want to cancel a Google Play subscription. It makes them unable to perform cancellation even if their bill states charges from the app’s subscription fee. There is one reason for that.

You probably are not logged into your device using the right Google account at the time. Therefore, you cannot see the subscription list to cancel a Google Play subscription. User has to sign into the right account first before performing this task. You also need to identify which account that is subscribing to certain app plans (if you own more than two accounts).

As you can see it is not hard to do it. This passage should be able to make you fully understand how to cancel a Google Play subscription and what it entails. It should propel you to shop in paying app wisely in the app store.

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