How to Disable Bixby Voice Feature and Page in Your Device?

Those who do not utilize Bixby may want to learn how to disable Bixby in their Android. The steps to conduct the task are discussed in following article.

Some users of later Galaxy releases want to know how to disable Bixby. If you have not heard about this program before, Bixby is a digital assistant developed by Samsung for its later product releases. The user interface is considered more interesting than the other digital assistants. It is capable of performing functions that are quite complicated.

In order to widen its range of functions, the manufacturer also developed Bixby Page which is located in one’s home screen. Thus, user can access this program really easily. The language options provided by this AI program are not that diverse, though. You can only communicate with the interface in American English and Korean.

How to Disable Bixby

People look for ways on how to disable Bixby because they prefer to use another digital assistant program, such as Google Assistant. If your Bixby is activated in the device, you cannot use another assistant program conveniently. You will learn two main ways of conducting this task.

Turning Off the Voice Feature in Bixby

Before knowing how to disable Bixby voice feature, you need to know how to use it first. If you have the feature activated, running it is actually very simple. You just need to press on Bixby button on your app while at the same time saying greetings like “Hi, Bixby”.

You may want to learn how to turn off Bixby voice feature. It can be because you have no use of this feature or simply because you want to use other apps without being interrupted by this app’s AI voice. Here is the procedure to do it.

1. Accessing Bixby’s settings

The first step on how to disable Bixby voice is by heading to the application. You will be able to find menu options located at the top right corner of this app. It is shown by three stacked dots. Tap on that button to find a menu called “Settings”.
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2. Disabling voice feature

Once you have gained access to the app’s setting menu, you can finally perform the steps on how to disable Bixby. Locate the toggle for its voice feature then shift its button to deactivate it. You will have to confirm that you really want to turn off this feature. After that, the voice feature is no longer active in your device.
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Luckily, you can always turn this feature back on because the change is not permanent. In order to do that, you can follow the first step. In the second step, move the toggle to activate voice feature then confirm your choice. It cannot get easier than that.

Disabling the Application in Your Device

Bixby has many potentials of becoming your main aid in phone usage. The longer you use it, you will be able to unveil so many interesting features. Nonetheless, understanding how to disable Bixby is a knowledge that you need.
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In order to do it, you should press your finger down on home screen until Bixby Page appears. You will be able to see toggle. Shift the toggle from right side to the left side. When the application is active, its toggle should be in blue color. However, once it is disabled, the color will change into grey.

Even after you perform steps on how to disable Bixby in your device, you can always activate it back. You also have the option to utilize other similar applications that you find more fitting to your needs. The process of performing methods explained above is easier if you are using Note 8 or S8 series.

As you can see, it is not difficult to learn about how to disable Bixby. You can perform the steps on your own without the help of external program or other devices.

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