Two Ways on How to Disable Dark Mode on Xiaomi Smartphones

The solutions on how to disable dark mode on Xiaomi smartphones are often sought by Xiaomi users. They can get several methods to finally remove the mode here.

There are many ways on how to disable dark mode on Xiaomi smartphones. As we all know, Xiaomi is very advanced and sophisticated in their technology and features. They have numerous features to enhance the user experience while operating their gadget and devices. One of them is the dark mode. Sometimes, the dark mode is the default theme used on the phone.

However, not everyone is a fan of dark mode. They simply do not like how everything is inverted: black on the background and white for the letter. They want the old-fashioned look where it should be easier for them to watch their smartphone and operate it. Thankfully, dark mode on Xiaomi can be disabled pretty easily. Keep reading to find out how to disable dark mode on Xiaomi.

How to Disable Dark Mode on Xiaomi Smartphones

Reasons to Disable the Dark Mode

The reason why people do not like the dark mode and want to disable it is because this kind of mode is making their phone hard to read, especially by older people. The dark mode also makes the phone look gloomy. That is why they want it go and they try to disable dark mode on Xiaomi. Basically, they want to just using the regular theme that does not require hardship to understand.

Solutions to Disable Dark Mode on Xiaomi

Let’s get the solution here. There will be two ways on how to disable dark mode on Xiaomi smartphones displayed here. The first one is the easiest and simplest one. The second one requires a little bit more complicated procedures. Try the first one and then if it does not work, move to try the second solution. Here they are:

Solution #1: Using General Setting

To disable dark mode on Xiaomi is actually very simple to do. You do not need to install anything at all with this solution. All you need to do is opening the "Settings" menu on the phone. Then, select "Display". There will be several options there, including "Dark Mode".
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When the phone is using this mode, next to the "Dark Mode" section, the indicator will say "On". Select this "Dark Mode" option and then finally select "Disable". The indicator will get changed into "Off" and the mode is returned to the old-fashioned one or the light mode. It means that the attempt to disable dark mode on Xiaomi is successfully done.

Solution #2: Using Third Party App

The second solution on how to disable dark mode on Xiaomi smartphones is to use third party app. There are many app out there to help removing dark mode. One of them is called “Themes for Telegram” developed by rafalense. This app is available for free on Google Play Store and it can be used to eliminate the dark mode of your Xiaomi device. Follow this step-by-step solution here:
  1. Download the "Themes for Telegram" App from PlayStore and install on the phone properly. 
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  2. Open the app. When popping questions about permits and setting appears, select "Yes" or "Allow". 
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  3. Select "Settings" by clicking the three vertical dots on the right corner on the top. 
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  4. There will be several options, locate the "Night Mode" section. Select it and a popping box will appear. Select "No" to disable dark mode on Xiaomi. 
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  5. Close and app and the dark mode should be no longer used by the phone.
Because everything is clear now and you have understood the methods to make sure that you do not have to use the dark mode, you can try deleting the mode right now. Follow those solutions up there and both of them will help you getting the dark mode out of the way. This is why everyone should know exactly how to disable dark mode on Xiaomi smartphones.

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