How to Disable Google Play Protect

Some Android users want to learn How to disable Google Play Protect even if the app is quite useful. This program is one of system apps used to protect your device against external attack. When you are installing an app, it scans the application to detect virus. It also checks on downloaded files and installed applications regularly.

As you can see, the application is very useful for both users and the developer. User can avoid malware that can make disrupt the function of their device. In worst case, user can no longer use their device due to malware. Not to mention that it can threaten your information security.

How to Disable Google Play Protect

Meanwhile, developer will be able to detect apps that carry malware to further improve its system. It can obtain information about malware contained in the foul apps to help protecting user better. But why some people still want to disable Google Play Protect on their device?

The major reason for it is that the built in program prevents user from installing applications that are not obtained from the official app store. It views all foreign apps as threats so you will get repeated warnings when trying to install such apps. To people who need the external apps, this protection layer becomes a nuisance.
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Until today, though, there is no solution for that. Even if you perform steps on How to disable Google Play Protect, the checking to external apps will still be conducted. You still need to face all those notifications when you are attempting to install unknown applications. It is for your own data safety.

Fortunately, the developer allows you to disable Google Play Protect. When you disable the app, it is frozen so it can no longer operate for as long as you keep the setting that way. This feature is convenient because you can still turn on the app if you need it later.

How to disable Google Play Protect? The first thing that you need to do is accessing your app store. There are various menus available in this app market so you must navigate through it all. To gain access to the security app discussed, you can tap on menu which is located on the left side of your screen.
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Once you have access the program, then you can immediately go to “Settings” menu. To disable Google Play Protect, you can shift the key so that the option to disable device scanning process to look for threats.

After you perform the steps to disable Google Play Protect, you will no longer get warnings if about market’s app that you install in your phone. After download process, your app obtained from app store will not be scanned anymore. As stated before, though, the developer will still constantly scan on your device to check on your installed apps and browsers for external applications that you get.

Even after you disable this app, you can still use a feature named Find my device which is great. This feature allows you to locate the location of your phone when it is lost as long as you can still access your Google account.

If you are looking for method to do beyond than disable Google Play Protect, such as deleting the integrated program completely from your system, you will sorely disappointed since the method has not been found yet. This program will still be in your phone even after you delete it.

This note on How to disable Google Play Protect will help you downloading app without further checking (which may take long time) as long as the app is from the app store. For external app, you still have to struggle with notifications.

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