How to Disable Pattern Unlock on Android via ADB: What to Prepare and Do

How to disable Pattern unlock on Android via ADB if you forget it? You will learn the steps and preparation for it in this article.

It is important to learn how to disable pattern unlock on Android via ADB. Many users are utilizing pattern lock feature in the devices. It is convenient since you do not need to memorize number and letter combination. This locking method is also more secured. Unfortunately, just like any other locking method, people can still forget their pattern pass code.

If you forget your pattern code to unlock your device, you cannot utilize it at all. You need to know how to disable Pattern unlock. In order to be able to use the device again, you need to unlock it. There is a software tool named Android Debug Bridge (ADB) that might help this process. The program has various functions to help you tackling such issues.

How to Disable Pattern Unlock on Android via ADB

You will be learning how to disable pattern unlock on Android via ADB in this passage. There are some things to prepare before proceeding with the task. It is also necessary to note that you have to follow the steps as suggested to.

Preparing to Unlock Phone with Pattern Pass Code

1. Software Installation

This program is one of Android’s Software Development Kits; therefore you can obtain it from the official website. You do not need to download the entire kits to disable Pattern unlock. Installing only the ADB is sufficient for performing that task.
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The ADB can already be used to access data archive that contains tools in the platform. In order to use it to fix your pass code issue, you need to install it in your desktop computer or laptop. It is because you will have to perform complicated debugging steps there.

2. USB Debug Toggling

Before you disable Pattern unlock, you need to perform toggling on your device. If not, you will not be able to use ADB to perform this task. The procedure of performing this task is quite lengthy.

When you get your phone at the first time, you have to access general settings specifically the options for developer. The option must be activated by user since the beginning. If your developer option is not toggled, you will not be able to connect your Android device to a desktop computer.

How to Disable Your Pattern Pass Code on Android?

The following steps explain how to disable pattern unlock on Android via ADB.

1. Connecting device to computer

You need to ensure that you have successfully performed USB debugging on your device before this. Otherwise, your computer will not be able to read it. The first thing you need to do is unzipping archive that contains platform tools to any folder in your computer.

2. Operating platform tools

The next task to disable Pattern unlock is accessing folder that contains platform tools. To operate the file, you need to press down the “Shift” key while at the same time clicking on free space with your mouse. There will be a menu appears and you will find “Open command prompt”. Click on that option.

3. Entering code

You will be presented with the prompt window. To disable Pattern unlock on your device, you need to enter one of four code options. Your task is to copy one of the codes then paste it onto the command prompt window.

4. Rebooting Android device

After you are doing the three steps mentioned, you can restart your device. You will be able to add new lock pattern to your phone because the last one has been deleted.

The method on how to disable pattern unlock on Android via ADB will usually grant you success. However, in certain cases it may not work. Nonetheless, you should attempt to try it first before resorting to contact the professional.

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