Three Ways on How to Enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi Easily

Have you ever wondered about how to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi in order to change your device’s settings? Here’s the possible way to activate the mode.

By knowing how to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi, you will be able to create modification on some settings that was unchangeable before. For instances, it can be used to maximize the overall and phone call volume level, without having to go through complex process. But that doesn’t mean it comes with no risk. Enabling the Engineering Mode on Xiaomi may result in severe damage on your device’s system, so consider if you really need to use this particular feature. Here’s three ways to turn on the mode.

How to Enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi

1. By Using the Engineering Mode Codes

First method on how to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi is to simply dial one of the following numbers. It will bring you to the Engineering Mode on Xiaomi after you type the number and press call in button.
  1. *#*#4636#*#*
  2. *#*#3646633#*#*
  3. *#*#6484#*#*
Try the options one by one. If the first code has failed you to activate the mode, then dial another one. Once it successfully works, a menu with 30 items (might be less or more, depending on your smartphone models) will appear on your screen in English, or according to the language set on your device.
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If a testing menu appeared instead, with the information of your phone and WLAN, then it’s not an issue. The menu is just single additional information that’s not related to the Engineering Mode, so if you find that one showing up instead, try another set of codes.
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2. By Using Settings to Switch It On

It is entirely possible to not use any extra menu or application to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi. Follow the steps below.
  1. Open the “Settings” menu on your smartphone 
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  2. Scroll down and choose “My Device” menu 
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  3. Tap on “All Specs” choice 
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  4. Search for “Kernel version”. Tap the menu 7 times. By the 6th tap, you’d find a pop-up message that says “You are 1 step away from entering CIT”. Continue to tap once more.
Right after you’ve done the 7th tap, your device will show the Engineering Mode menu.

3. By using MTK Engineering Mode application

Use this last method on how to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi only if two methods above did not work for you. You will only be able to use this to activate the mode if you used MediaTek chipset. Devices with Snapdragon chipsets, for instances, will gain nothing by using this app.

How to Use the Mode

Now that you have activated the Engineering Mode on Xiaomi, it’s time to actually use it. If you still have no idea on what else you can control using the mode, here’s a list of things that might be useful for you.

1. Brightness check

The brightness control allows choosing the backlight options of your screen. There are some options available to test such as maximum back light, minimum back light, or half back light. There are also stop cycle and cycle test.

2. Battery performance check

Various technical details on your Xiaomi device’s battery will be present on the battery test, such as its status, level, health, temperature, voltage, and many more.

3. Headset test

Make sure you connect your headset first before you’re going to run this test. There are three different categories available within, including Audio Test, Headset HOOK key, and Loop back. Each has different purpose. For example, Audio Test shows you how the music will be played through the headphone on your device, while Loop back shows you how the result of audio recording through the mic.

Activating the Engineering Mode on Xiaomi is useful when your device is not working properly because of some reasons. You also can use your knowledge on how to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi to check the built-in hardware on secondhand smartphone buying.

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