4 Tips on How to Fix Low Video Quality on Instagram Stories

Tips on how to fix low video quality on Instagram stories should be understood by everyone using the social media platform. Find them out here and get bothered no more by the issue.

The methods on how to fix low video quality on Instagram stories have been sought by so many Instagram users these days. The latest version of the popular social media platform contains a massive issue: low quality video. It happens when people want to display video as their stories. The video appears in pixelated, low quality form.

How to fix low video quality and what if you want to upload high quality video as your Instagram stories? There are several ways to do, though. In fact, there are four solutions that will be displayed here. Find out more about them right now and also learn more about this issue on the latest Instagram version.

What is This Pixelated Instagram Stories?

It is believed that people start looking for the methods on how to fix low video quality on Instagram stories when they are installing the 50th version of the social media platform. The issue is quite world-wide and everyone, almost all Instagram users who have updated the app to the latest, 50th version experience this issue.

Instagram officials have been contacted and they apparently have no solution (yet) for this issue. They confirm that the issue happens only to Android users. This is why they tend to suggest everyone who experiences this issue to swicth from Android to iOS device. Of course, this is not a great solution to fix low video quality considering how expensive iOS devices are and not everyone can afford it.

How to Create Instagram Stories with High Quality Video?

Thankfully, there are many clever ways on how to fix low video quality on Instagram stories. You do not need to wait for the technicians on Instagram to fix the issue. You can get rid of the issue by using several clever tricks. Four of the best tricks to bring back the ability of uploading high quality video for Instagram stories will be displayed down below:

Solution #1: Using Older Version of Instagram

The first solution here is to use the older version of Instagram. The issue occurs on the latest version of the social media. So, you can trick it by remove the updates and use the old version of it. It will fix low video quality issue but the downside is that you will probably miss some new features.
Image Source: android-fix.com
Solution #2: Installing Open Camera

Open Camera is a cool camera app available on Google PlayStore. After installing it on the phone, use the app to record the video whenever you want to create Instagram story. Choose the format "MPEG4 HEVC codec" on the setting and when the video is displayed as story, it won't get pixelated.
Image Source: android-fix.com
Solution #3: Using GBInsta

GBInsta is an app replicating everything that happens on Instagram. It can get connected to your account, too. Use this app to record video for stories and it won't have the low quality issue. This app may crash with the real Instagram app. You have to delete the later first to fix low video quality.
Image Source: android-fix.com
Solution #4: Converting Video Format

This is a really smart way to fix low video quality. Use video converter app, such as Convertio, to convert your recorded video format from MP4 (standard video format for Android) to MOV format. MOV is the standard video format for iOS device. Try to upload it as Instagram stories and it won't get pixelated.

Now it is clear that there are so many different ways for you to remove the issue of low quality video. From now on, you can still using high quality video recordings to be used as Instagram stories. Everyone will be delighted as they watch your stories because the videos are vivid and clear. This is why everyone needs to know how to fix low video quality on Instagram stories.

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