How to Fix Stuck Headphone Notification Symbol on Xiaomi with Some Possible Methods

Sometimes, you get some errors in your headphone jack and need some steps of How to fix stuck headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi. Here are the solutions.

As a user of Xiaomi, you may need the steps of how to fix stuck headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi. Having error in headphone notification may be a simple problem, but it will not allow you to use the phone speaker even if you have unplugged the headphone jack. That's why you will need the solution.

This problem often happens due to some problems. First, it can be caused by dust or debris inside headphone port. Then, it may also be caused by software errors. Because of these several problems, there are different solutions.

Clean the Dust and Debris in Headphone Port

It is very possible to find the audio port dirty. Since you always use the port, there can be dust and debris entering the port. Of course, the way of how to fix stuck headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi is by cleaning the port.

How to Fix Stuck Headphone Notification Symbol on Xiaomi

However, you cannot just randomly clean it. When you do it recklessly, you will not solve the problem of headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi. Instead, you will only make things worse and it requires you to replace the audio port of the device.

In cleaning the port, you have to use soft and clean surface. Small cotton buds are helpful tool. In case you have no small buds, you can modify cottons or tissues to clean the port. In doing the job, you have to gently clean the whole area inside the port.

Then, you should also avoid metal material. Metal material can scratch the parts of port. When they are scratched, the port cannot work properly anymore. Even, the jack cannot be connected, and you have to replace the port.

Software Problems

Your Xiaomi device is not just an analog device. There are applications that run in the device. When you get problem with headphone icon or notification, it is possible that the errors are in software or its configuration.

There are some steps of how to fix stuck headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi. Firstly, you can easily restart the device. Commonly, when it is about simple problems, restarting the device will solve it since all apps will be rebooted and the common errors will be automatically solved. This is the first solution.

In case rebooting device does not work, you need to access the configuration of Radio in the device. However, this way only works when Xiaomi device supports the Radio. To solve this problem, just follow the steps.
  • Plug in the headphone and open the Radio.
  • Instead of using headphone, you can use your phone speakers to get the sound. Activate “Turn on Speaker” or similar menu on the interface of Radio.
  • Try to change speaker and headphone several times to make sure the mechanism in software works properly.
  • Close Radio app and clean from recent apps or app history.
  • Plug out the headphone jack.
  • Check the notification.
When the problem still exists, you should do the last option. It is to do the factory reset of your device. There may be serious errors in software and it cannot be easily solved. By doing the factory reset, you will reset the app to bring back into the condition when you opened the device for the first time.

When you decide to do factory reset, it means you will erase all data in your phone. You will also lose all installed apps. Therefore, it is better to back up the files in your device. Once you have got the backups, you can carry out factory reset.

Those are some options to solve the problems with headphone notification. When all methods are done but you still get the problem, it means the problem is in the hardware. In this case, replacing headphone port is the only step of how to fix stuck headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi.

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