Detailed Guide on How to Relock Bootloader via Fastboot

Sometimes, Android OS users will choose to unlock their bootloader systems to gain more freedom access. Here’s a guide on How to Relock Bootloader back.

If you are interested to increase your Android devices’ security by blocking certain services, then you may want to learn how to relock bootloader via Fastboot. There are many benefits you would get such as opening the root access, the kernel firmware and factory images recovery, or having the alternative custom recovery image (TWRP) installed.

How to Relock Bootloader

Google has released an update of their defense system that is SafetyNet, several month ago. It will examine whether your devices’ bootloader status is locked or not when the app is running. It is worth to note that certain smartphone services might be disabled because of the status, for instances app like Android Pay.
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Now, by using the relock bootloader via Fastboot feature, you can have the app to still running. However before you’re doing so, remember that commonly you will lose some features of the system that the unlocked status has.
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The method used to relock bootloader via Fastboot can differ for each type of devices. Use these basic steps below to run the Fastboot commands.

Steps to Relock Bootloader by Fastboot

The simplest method on how to relock bootloader via Fastboot can be achieved by using the instruction below:
  1. Install Fastboot and ADB on your smartphone.
  2. Connect your Android to desktop via USB then open the command line.
  3. To boot your Android in bootloader mode, set the command to: “ADB reboot bootloader
  4. Choose one of the commands below to reboot the bootloader. Once you have succeeded, move on to the next step.
    • fastboot oem lock
    • fastboot oem relock
    • fastboot flashing lock
  5. By now, you have managed to relock bootloader via Fastboot. Reboot your Android using the command: “fastboot reboot

How to Install the ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

ADB or Android Debug Bridge is the essential software on Windows that is used to lock the device’s bootloader. In case it hasn’t installed in your PC that you cannot relock bootloader via Fastboot, here’s the manual guide on it.
  1. Open your computer’s browser
  2. On the address bar, type in to enter the site
  3. Choose the latest version available of ADB installer
  4. Click on the green “Download” button menu. An installer file inside zip folder with .exe extension will be downloaded soon.
  5. Extract the zip file to the folder that you’d like, a setup file with .exe extension will appear
  6. Allow the system to install ADB and Fastboot by pressing “Y” on your keyboard when your PC shows the command prompt screen
  7. Type in “Y” again to allow your system installing device drivers
  8. Type in “Y” again to allow Device Driver Wizard to appear
  9. Click “Next” on Device Driver Wizard installation
  10. Click “Finish” when the whole installation process is completed

How to Check the Bootloader Status

After you have done all steps on how to relock bootloader via Fastboot, you have to check if the bootloader is already locked or not. The bootloader is originally locked by the manufacturer to prevent you setting third party customized ROM outside of the one they made. It will guarantee your system validity and avoid “bricked” circumstance.
  1. Enter Fastboot mode by shutting down your device.
  2. Press the power and volume up button simultaneously. Then the Fastboot will appear on your screen
  3. If it doesn’t work, enter the Fastboot via command prompt on your desktop.
  4. Press Shift + right click on extracted ADB folder
  5. Type in “fastboot oem device-info” then press Enter
  6. Check the status, if it is:
    • (bootloader) Device unlocked: true --&gt” then you have successfully relock bootloader via Fastboot
    • (bootloader) Device unlocked: false --&gt” then the system is still locked
Now you already have a grip on how to relock bootloader via Fastboot. Remember not to install customized ROM on locked system because you would be stuck in a bootlop mode.

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