How to Remove Google Account from Android without Factory Reset: Avoid Personal Data Lost

How to remove Google account from Android without factory reset? There are two methods to perform this procedure which will be discussed.

In certain cases, you may want to learn How to remove Google account from Android without factory reset. First, you should understand that for an Android user, the account is like a lifeline. Every application and system part is related to your account. Your device running is synchronized to your account that you will not be able to operate it properly without the account.

However, you may need to remove Google account for certain reasons. Perhaps you are going to give your old phone to another person or sell it in secondhand market. Without removing your account beforehand, your data security might be threatened. User who utilizes your phone would have access to your email address, contact list, and calendar.

How to remove Google account from Android

The procedure of removing your account from Android device is not exactly simple for new Android user. Setting the phone back to factory default is perhaps the easiest method to do this. But How to remove Google account from Android without factory reset?

Many users are not so keen on defaulting to factory setup when it comes to removing their account. It is because when you perform this task, you will lose all of the data kept in your phone. That includes your application list, contacts, and downloaded files (e.g.: documents, audio, video).

Is there any way to remove Google account without having to deal with that consequence? There is a simple way that is worth trying. Here are the steps to do it.
  • Go to “Settings” menu in your device.
  • Choose “Accounts” to see the list of synchronized accounts.
  • Tap on “Your Google account”.
  • See the menus offered by that link by clicking on “Menu”.
  • Opt to remove Google account. 
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This method works for many users but not all. In some cases, you will see that your account still persists even after removing it with the above method.

There is another answer to How to remove Google account from Android without factory reset. This process is not as simple as the previous one, but the success rate is higher. You can follow these steps to do it.
  • Access program that allows you to have root access for files in your device, such as Root Explorer.
  • Access system folder named “data/”.
  • Scroll until you find a file entitled “accounts.db” then delete it.
  • If you cannot find that file name, then head to system folder named “data/system/sync”.
  • Locate a file named “accounts.xml” then delete it to remove Google account.
If you are trying to do those steps, you have to make sure that you have root access program installed in your Android device beforehand. This application can be obtained from various sources so there is no issue in that. You just have to make sure that your download is secure and free of malware.

Another thing to remember if you want to remove Google account with the second method is accessing the data folder in its primary location (or root). You cannot locate the right file if you are accessing your external storage system. Thus, having the root access is very crucial.

The knowledge of removing account from your device without having to resort to factory setup is very important, not only when you want to give or sell your phone. To deal with certain errors in your phone, you may need to perform this procedure. If you have to lose your data repeatedly, then the process will be tedious.

Hopefully the explanation on How to remove Google account from Android without factory reset in this passage helps you in performing the action safely. Being independent as Android user is important. You can try solving your device issue on your own first with well-informed skills.

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