How to remove ImeMess from Android: Four Methods Discussed

If you see ImeMess installed in your device, you should not fret. This article explains four methods on how to remove ImeMess from Android.

It is not rare to see user panicking and looking information about How to remove ImeMess from Android. This application might appear suddenly in your device that you do not know what to do. People are worried about this application being a malware and disrupt the entire functioning of your phone.

User is actually advised to remove ImeMess if they can do it. Perhaps, before learning the method on deleting this application from your Android device, you need to know what this app is. Therefore, your decision to delete or not delete the application would be based on solid reason.
What is the ImeMess Application?

How to remove ImeMess from Android

This application is considered a malware. It saves and transfers user’s personal data to developer. The application tends to disrupt the operating system too. When you are conducting certain activity such as making phone call and browsing on the web, you must be cautious if this app is installed in your device.

The program might record your activity. In some cases, you will be blocked when performing those functions. There is also a danger that your device is infected by virus too due to the addition of this malware. Because of that people want to remove ImeMess.
There are several methods that you will be able to try out in order to do it. You can choose one of them. If a method fails, then you still have another alternative.

Removing the Malware from Your Device

The following steps should answer the question of How to remove ImeMess from Android manually. This method will not always work but it is worth considering.
  • Access “Settings” menu in your phone.
  • Look at all the applications installed in your phone.
  • Locate ImeMess in the list.
  • To remove ImeMess, clear the application from all of its data then freeze it.
1. Installing Antivirus App

The second method involves installing antivirus application to your phone. To do it, you must go through these steps.
  • Run the installed antivirus application in your phone. 
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  • Scan your device thoroughly by clicking on “Full Scan”. 
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  • If the running stops because the app detects a virus or malware, you need to delete it immediately. This may remove ImeMess from your device, although the method is not one hundred percent successful.
2. Using Manager App

How to remove ImeMess from Android effectively if the previous methods do not work? You can always attempt to run a manager app for the task. This method has quite big chance to solve your issue, although you cannot fully rely on it.

3. Titanium Backup

You also get another method option which is using a tool named Titanium Backup. This tool allows user to freeze the malware so it will not run. However, if you are still a beginner user, you are advised against using this method. You need to get root access to perform this task. Slight mistake might be able to ruin your device.
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4. Installing Autostart Pro

This particular app can also remove ImeMess from the device’s function. Just like the previous methods, it does not remove the application fully. It only helps freezing the application so it will no longer run in your device. In addition to that, it can help you getting the applications which have been disrupt by the malware to operate normally again.


How to remove ImeMess from Android? You have to clean up the data in this app first. After that you can choose one of those four methods in order to be able to utilize your phone fully again. The next time you see this app on your device and notice some errors with device function, you can handle the issue on your own.

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