Easy Way on How to Remove the "Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera" Watermark

Getting the solution on how to remove the "Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera" watermark is basically what every Xiaomi user tries to do these days. Figure out the simple solution right here.

Are you looking for the tips on how to remove the "Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera" watermark? If you are, you must be tired of trying to get rid of that watermark every time you take pictures with the phone. Indeed, the latest gadget of Xiaomi has used the AI camera which is very advanced and sophisticated on its feature.

However, it comes with watermark that automatically appears on the picture result. Some people do not like this because they want clear, watermark-free picture. In fact, having the watermark on the picture gives a lot of disadvantages. Can this Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera watermark get removed? Thankfully, it can and the removal method is very easy. Keep reading to understand the solution.

How to Remove the Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera Watermark

Why You Should Stop Using Watermark?

People are looking for the way on how to remove the "Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera" watermark because they do realize that there are so many unnecessary things that may happen when the pictures have watermark on it. Some of the reasons why you should stop using watermark on the Xiaomi device will be listed down below:
  • Putting Your Privacy at Risk. In every picture you take, the Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera watermark will clearly tell everyone that you use Xiaomi device. It may put your privacy to risk because everyone knows now that you are using a particular device and it may ease their way in hacking your phone or do other awful thing that may ruin your privacy. For those who value privacy so high, this is the last thing they want to happen.
  • Ruining the Beauty of the Picture. Professional photographers rarely use watermark on their captured images because the watermark can sometimes ruin the beauty of the picture. When you take breathtaking pictures, like those of scenery or wildlife, having that Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera watermark on it will simply ruin its beauty and it will be less enjoyable.
  • Making the Picture Harder to Edit. If you like editing the captured images on editing software, you will find it even harder to edit when the picture has watermark on it. It has to be removed slowly to avoid ruining the picture. This is why you should not use any kinds of trace on the image when the image is intended to be edited later on.

How to Remove the Watermark?

Now, let us move to the most important part. There will be the step-by-step tutorial on how to remove the "Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera" watermark explained down below. It is very simple to follow and you do not even need to install any applications or get professional help to remove the watermark. The steps to take are:
  1. Open the camera app on your phone 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  2. Go to "Setting" (three straight lines on the left) 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  3. On the "Camera Settings", scroll down to find "Device Watermark". Switch it off until the icon turns grey. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
After being turned off, the watermark should not appear anymore on the captured images. Try to check the change by closing the camera and the reopening it a few minutes later. Then, try to capture some pictures and see the result. The Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera watermark should not be there anymore. If they are still there, you should retry the removal method.

Now that everything is clear, you can absolutely get rid of the Xiaomi watermark and won’t get bothered by it anymore. The method on how to remove the "Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera" watermark is very simple, indeed. However, if at some points you do need the watermark to reappear on the captured images, simply switch off the toggle icon on camera settings and turn it blue.

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