Simple Solution on How to turn off "Don't cover the earphone area" on Xiaomi Devices

Knowing how to turn off "Don't cover the earphone area" on Xiaomi phones is essential. You should deal with this issue if it's persistently popping up on your smartphone’s screen.

It is not rare for the smartphone users to find out how to turn off "Don't cover the earphone area" on Xiaomi devices. It is similar as "Don't cover the orange area of the screen" in the older versions of MIUI. But what’s actually behind this message and how can the users possibly get rid of it? Find out the answer on how to disable “Don't cover the earphone area” issue below.

How to turn off Don't cover the earphone area on Xiaomi

What’s the Reason of This Message to Appear?

“Don't cover the earphone area” may appear when your phone is on “Pocket Mode”. It is a feature used to prevent the system to activate when the screen is touch or pressed accidentally, which is a common problem when you choose to put it in your pocket. The proximity sensor will detect close surface near the screen and warn you about it. The users may try to shield the sensor area by their hand to unblock the device, but still the message will appear.

Learn how to turn off "Don't cover the earphone area" on Xiaomi if the issue is repeatedly appearing despite the times when you’re not even touching it. The cause might be one of the following reasons:
  1. The proximity sensor area is dirty. Clean the area near and inside the sensor carefully, then try restarting your phone.
  2. Failure on the system. If you have found the cause of the problem and knew how to fix it, then take care of it and try to restart the phone.
  3. Existing bug inside the firmware. Check on the update on the system, and if there are available updates, upgrade it as soon as possible.
  4. Broken sensor. The proximity sensor is rarely corrupted, but if you think that’s the cause, get your device serviced.

How to Get Rid of That Message?

To be fair, the official manufacturer has released suggestion on how to turn off "Don't cover the earphone area" on Xiaomi, by pressing the Volume Up control button. But the method has failed many users, so here is the alternative option to disable “Don't cover the earphone area” issue.
  1. Open your device’s “Settings” menu. Scroll down to find "Lock screen & password" option. 
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  2. Choose on the "Advance settings". 
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  3. Select the "Pocket mode" menu and switch it off. The “Don't cover the earphone area” problem will not show up again.

The Pocket Mode on Xiaomi Phones

Even though the solution above might work to disable the “Don't cover the earphone area” problem, but the Pocket Mode actually has some benefits for the users. It comes handy when you’re going for travelling and want to keep the device inside your pocket or bags. In an enclosed and soundproof surrounding, the phone will increase the volume of calls ringtone automatically. It prevents you from embarrassment from unintentionally generating a phone call by dialing someone’s number. It will also save your battery energy by shutting down the light screen and increase your phone’s battery life.

If you are using Android smartphone brands other than Xiaomi that doesn’t have the mode built-in, you can still be benefitted by this feature by downloading and installing the Pocket Mode applications.

The problem comes when the device with turned on Pocket Mode is stuck, especially the newer models that are equipped with scanner for fingerprint. It is because the sensor system will take longer time to operate even when the device already out of the pocket.

Now that’s you know how to turn off "Don't cover the earphone area" on Xiaomi, you also understand that it comes with few downsides. However, it’s worth to get rid of the message if it became too annoying for you.

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