How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi: Step-by-step Tutorial

Installing customized firmware is basically impossible if your Bootloader is locked. Do you want to know how to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi?

Xiaomi smartphone users are trying to figure out how to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi. When the Bootloader is locked, user will not be able to add customized firmware into their device. People question the use of performing this mechanism. Why does the manufacturer block user from full access to their own device?

It seems like security issue becomes the main reason for this. If you unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi, data thieves will get access to your personal data and use it for their own gain. Data theft can occur from the installation of custom firmware. Locked bootloader will ensure that none of this would be happening. Your device will only be linked to your Mi account.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi

Checking the Status of Bootloader

If you want to take the risk of personal data lost, then you may want to proceed to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi. To do it, you may need to check the status of bootloader first to learn whether it is locked. To do it, the device must be rebooted into the Fastboot recovery mode. After that you can enter a certain command language to your device. There are two possible responses for that command.
  1. Device is locked (Device unlocked: false).
  2. Device in unlocked (Device unlocked: true).
As stated before if you find that your bootloader is locked, it is noticeable that you do not have full access to your own device. If previously you get root access to your smartphone, you will no longer have if is the bootloader is locked. Thus, you need to work to unlock it.

Steps of Unlocking the Bootloader in Your Smartphone

Luckily, the manufacturer allows user to perform the task of unlocking bootloader automatically. How to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi?
  1. Accessing the Mi Account
    • You can head to “Settings” menu to do it. After that, tap on Mi account then enter your login credentials for it to be fully signed in. 
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  2. Attempt Developer Access
    • Tap on “MIUI version” for few times in order to enable “Developer” option that is previously hidden. This will allow you a developer access to the device. 
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  3. Unlock OEM
    • Head to “Addition Settings” then look at options for developer. You will see an option to allow OEM unlocking. Click “Enable”. 
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  4. Installation of Mi Unlock
    • The next step to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi is by installing Mi Unlock to your computer. You can download the program from developer website.
  5. Go to Fastboot Mode
    • To go to fastboot mode, you need to turn off the device first. After that, you should press down the volume down button at the same time with power button. Fastboot mode will start.
  6. Connect Phone to PC
    • Connect your device to PC that has been installed with Mi Unlock. You should use official USB cable for this task.
  7. Agree to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi
    • Run the Mi Unlock program in your PC then read terms of agreement for unlocking the Bootloader. You need to check on this agreement by clicking “Agree”/ 
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  8. Enter Credentials
    • Type your Mi Account credentials on available bar to gain full sign in access. 
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  9. Confirm Unlocking
    • Wait until your device is fully identified by the program. After that, you can confirm that you want to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi by clicking “Unlock”. Wait for few moments. 
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  10. Wait for the Process
    • Wait for the process and ignore the entire message that may pop up. 
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  11. Counter Reset
    • Do not logout from Mi account if you want this tutorial on how to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi to be successful. Counter would be reset and you have to wait again. 
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  12. Bootloader in Unlocked
    • The device is the successfully unlocked.
You do not need to worry about locking your device in the future. The manufacturer allows you to do that as well. Hopefully this how to unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi tutorial is clear enough for you.

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