What is "KLO Bugreport" on Xiaomi: Functions and Methods to Solve Error

If you are one of users who do not know what is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi, you have come to the right place. You will be able to get the full explanation here.

A great number of users still do not understand what is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi. They just know that this application is present in their device. User does not know if this application is a malware or something that is actually useful for their phone. Therefore, the decision to remove this app should not be done so hastily.

So, what is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi? This is a standard phone app developed by the manufacturer. When your smartphone experiences failures in its system and errors in application uses, the application will be sending bug report toward manufacturer’s server. Thus, manufacturer will get information about issues in users’ devices worldwide.

KLO Bugreport on Xiaomi

Manufacturer needs such information to improve the quality of product and services offered to its customers. The report contains features of the bug, reasons, effects, and other important information. In the future updates, when the manufacturer has solved that issue, you can see that the issue no longer exists in your phone.

In this explanation about what is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi, you must understand that this application is not a system app. You can remove it very easily without having to obtain root access to your device because of this. No error related to its deletion will occur to your device afterwards. However, if you want to participate in service improvement, you may want to consider that.

As a smartphone app, this program is not free from error. You may encounter error to this app every once in a while. There are several simple methods that you can attempt to solve such issue, though.

Solving Error in the KLO Bugreport Application

What is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi reason for error? The main reason for it is app’s inability to connect to manufacturer’s server. There are two main ways to deal with this issue.

A. Checking the steadiness of internet connection

You have to check if your device is connected to the internet and if that internet connection is stable. Many users report that unsteady internet connection is the main cause why your device cannot run this app properly. Inability to connect to server is the answer to what is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi error reason. Without appropriate connection, your device cannot send report to manufacturer’s server.

B. Rebooting the smartphone

The next option in dealing with this situation is by rebooting your device. You need to restart it to check if the error still happens. Usually, this method will work wonder for many users.

Unfortunately, some users still find error in the use of KLO Bugreport on Xiaomi even after attempting those two methods. Another alternative to solve it is by deleting the application data. The steps to perform it are easy and can be seen in the following points.

1. Heading to the app list in “Settings”

What is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi error solving first step? You need to go to “Settings” menu. After that you can see the list of all downloaded applications in your phone by clicking on “Application” then “Downloaded”. You will be able to see the full list there.
Image Source: android-fix.com

2. Find the app

The second step in what is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi error solving procedure is finding the application. You can scroll through the list to find it. Once you do, you need to click on its name to see its offered menu.
Image Source: android-fix.com

3. Clear the data

The third step of this procedure is clearing all the data within the application. You need to choose “Storage” menu. After that, you can choose to clear data.

After that, you can finally utilize the application as it is supposed to. This exposition should be able to shed some light about what is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi.

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