What is the “Mab” Application: Theories and Should You Delete It?

Xiaomi users might be curious about what is the “Mab” application. There are some interesting theories worth knowing and helping you to decide whether to get rid off it.

What is the “Mab” application? If you are using a Xiaomi phone, you will be surprised to see an unknown application called “Mab” installed after your latest MIUI update. There was no request for the app installation but somehow you still find it in your device and your downloaded application list.

Since nobody really knows what is the “Mab” application, users are worried that malware is accidentally getting into their smartphones. It is understandable that user is cautious because the effect of this unknown app to one’s phone cannot be predicted. Thus, they want to find out about this particular app.

Mab application on xiaomi

The manufacturer itself does not provide significant information about this program. You can hardly find it mentioned in the company’s website or other places. However, you can try to guess what the use of this app is and whether it is dangerous for your smartphone.

Theory #1: Mab as Service Program

To understand ‘what is the “Mab” application’ you need to monitor this app while it performs its task. You will find out that this application operates whenever you are utilizing low tier application called “Forum MIUI”. Forum MIUI is a forum created to accommodate Xiaomi users’ discussions about device utilization.

From that information, you can draw the conclusion that perhaps Mab is servicing your Mi account and other authentications. However, if you try to stop your Mab abruptly, you will find out that your account can still be fully utilized in other applications. Other users had tried this action and found similar result.

Thus, the first theory about what Mab app is perhaps cannot really answer its functions. It is possible that there is more exact function of this application. Therefore, people come up with second theory about this app’s functionality.

Theory #2: Mab as Identifying Tool

For the second theory about what is the “Mab” application, it is suspected that the application is used as an identifying tool. It plays role in identifying user’s Mi account particularly in the process of purchasing items with their phone.
Image Source: android-fix.com
The other theories also present in Xiaomi community, too. You can see opinions that state if this application is actually bloat software. It makes you see advertisements in programs that used to not display such ads. Seeing too many adds in your phone is unpleasant. Not to mention that it might disturb you from its usage.

Should You Delete the Application?

Do the theories presented answer your question about what is the “Mab” application? No one knows the specific use of this application. You do not know whether you should delete the application or not since there is nothing known about the consequences of performing this action.
There are two options that you can do:

1. Maintain the app

If your answer about what is the “Mab” application is leaning toward the first theory, you may not want to delete your application. Who knows that it will prevent you from accessing other programs in your phone, right? You may need to keep the app first while still researching about it.

2. Uninstall the app

However, many other users who answer what is the “Mab” application by saying it bloat ware would suggest you to delete this application from your smartphone immediately. It needs to be done in order to avoid the unwanted result of having your other apps injected by annoying advertisements.

You must know that this app cannot be deleted that easily. Users who have attempted it stated that they had to install ADB first. It may need other supporting applications and connection to personal computer. Since the process is not so easy, you have to ponder about the pros and cons. Hopefully, your curiosity about what is the “Mab” application is quenched a little bit by this passage.

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