Cannot "Obtaining IP Address" and Few Methods to Fix this Issue

Issue related obtaining IP Address is common and few methods can help to overcome it. It is not complicated thing to do, and you can do on your own.

Your smartphone tries to connect Wi-Fi but it may appear notification obtaining IP Address. In that case, your device has issue to obtain IP Address from Wi-Fi or router directly. If one network is failed, the device will try another one. Unfortunately, all available networks are not eligible to let you join.

The device will scan again and all networks appear then connect to particular Wi-Fi. You need to input username or password if the network is private. After that, the device will configure until the network recognize your smartphone via sending IP Address. As similar to previous situation, there is error related to IP Address. You may think this issue is only at one network. However, the result is similar when you try other connections. In that case, the problem is not at network side, but in your phone.

Obtaining IP Address

In solving this issue, you need to know the core problem. Your device will try again frequently until the network sends IP address. If this process takes longer time, the issue requires to be fixed immediately. You might rely on mobile data for internet utilization. However, using wireless is still necessary. The below list provides several factors that related to why notification “Obtaining IP Address” appear.
  • You may enter the wrong password. This is common issue because password is sensitive to specific letter or character. You may input the password with lowercase, but the right one is uppercase. When the password is wrong, certain network does not send immediate response. The device still connects but the network does not give permission for further access.
  • The next issue related to obtaining IP Address might be from router itself. Wireless and router use specific IP Address to communicate each other. When the router cannot send proper address, your device is failed to connect.
  • Your position is out of coverage, so the device cannot obtain proper level of connection. You should check about router limitation regarding the coverage.
  • The last issue is about DHCP, which is dynamic IP address that always changes.

Solving the "Obtaining IP Address" Issue

If you already know the causes of IP Address problem, solving “obtaining IP Address” issue is not difficult. Several methods are available based on the core causes. You may try them one by one until the problem is complete fixed.

1. Reconnect to network
  • Go to setting or tap Wi-Fi section and choose more setting
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  • Choose particular network and tap forget network
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  • Turn Wi-Fi off for a moment and turn it on again.
  • Connect to network from beginning
2. Rename smartphone
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Your device has specific name that network will recognize. Obtaining IP Address issue occurs because that name is unrecognizable. The router or wireless sees your device as unknown due to unfamiliar name. As solution, you just change the device name. Go to Wi-Fi setting and rename the device with proper name. You can add name, such as smartphone type, your name, or anything that looks normal. After that, try to reconnect again and see what happens.

3. Using application

You can use app to overcome problem about obtaining IP Address. There is application called FXR Wi-Fi for solving this issue. The app is available in PlayStore. You can install and tap this app. Solve Wi-Fi issue based on what service app provides.

4. Disable network notification

The device will show notification when it is failed in obtaining IP Address. This notification appears because you let the device to do scanning automatically. To prevent this situation, you should disable and follow below instruction to do such thing.
  • Open Wi-Fi setting 
    Image Source:
  • Disable “always scanning
5. Add static IP Address
  • Open Wi-Fi setting and select network you want to connect. 
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  • Tap that network and hold until pop menu appear. 
    Image Source:
  • Choose DHCP and input IP address
    Image Source:
  • Save setting.
You have many methods to overcome the issue about obtaining IP Address. After configuring one method, you need to turn off Wi-Fi and close all applications. Then, start again from the beginning.

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