OK Google Isn't Working and How to Solve This Problem

Having issue about "OK Google is not working" surely makes you uncomfortable. You can try some methods to overcome this problem quickly.

You may have issue regarding OK Google isn't working. Smartphone that uses Android 6.0 of newer is designed with Google assistance. You can tap Google search icon at homepage and use the voice command. This feature uses OK, Google iconic phrase to accommodate all search processes. However, Google Assistant does not always work, and you cannot access it.

Google Assistant is built-in application that's always installed in Android. For Samsung Galaxy S series, another similar feature is available, called Bixby. When comparing Bixby and Google Assistant, you see that Google app is far better. That’s why most users utilize this app for searching via voice command.

OK Google isn't working

When you find OK Google isn't working, you need to know the source of this problem. The most common problem is you may disable the background app service. Most apps that work on background will be stopped. In Galaxy S, Google Assistant does not work because the device activates power saving mode. This feature keeps the battery at efficiency consumption that automatically gets rid of any background app process.

After knowing that factor related to OK Google isn't working, you need the methods to bring back Google Assistant. Several options are available in the following sections. Just follow the instruction to fix this issue.

Solving OK Google in Galaxy Note and S series

Method 1

As it mentioned above, OK Google isn't working because the app is disabled. You can enable this feature directly from setting, and go to application section. However, the app cannot work automatically because the power mode is still active. You need to turn off this feature. Follow the below procedures for more steps.
  • Open Setting and go to battery section 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Turn off saving mode
Power saving or power mode is always available in recent Android smartphone. You might find different setting and display regarding battery control. Samsung Galaxy has its own appearance regarding battery management.

If you use other smartphones, the battery management might be different. Usually, this feature is a part of general setting or power management. It depends on what model you have.

After power saving is off, go to home screen and tap OK Google. Check if OK Google isn't working. When you see this feature is still not active, the next method is available to try.

Method 2

Normally, you just disable power saving and check if OK Google isn't working. This is the simplest way, but result is not what you expect. Even though the background app is no longer prohibited, you need to activate and provide permission.
  • Go to setting, choose Device Maintenance and tap battery 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Look for Unmonitored apps 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Choose Add apps and input Google assistant
This option includes OK Google assistant into the list of app that still works even though the power mode is active. You only change permission setting and keep this feature in background mode every day. Any change regarding background app will not affect OK Google.

After the setting is done, you should check again about OK Google isn't working. Keep in mind this method accesses battery, and puts OK Google into exception list. The setting might need another detour but still the same principle. You can access through setting and app management. Find Google Assistant and enable all permission settings.

Method 3

You just try both methods to overcome this problem. Unfortunately, the result is not what you expected. Google Assistant is still not working. You should consider expanding your view regarding the source and method.

OK Google isn't working problem can be solved after you update the software or Android. In old smartphone, some features are disabled without you knowing what happens. The worst part is you cannot activate it even though all setting is in proper configuration. That’s why updating software becomes the last option for solving this issue.

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