The Solutions to Remove “Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package” Message on Android Smart Phone

Is your phone displaying Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package message? If yes, find out the solution below.

“Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package” is an annoying error notification that pops up on the Android phone’s screen when you try to install some apps using APK files. This message will prevent you from installing that desired app into the phone.

To get rid of the message, here are several ways for you to try. Also, there will be an explanation of the cause of the problem. The information, along with the solution, is going to help you fix the “Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package”.

Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package

The Cause of the Problem

The parse error can be caused by several factors. It can be the phone, but it can be the APK files as well. To understand more about them, here are some of the most common factors to cause that specific error and making the phone displaying the message continuously.
  • The new app to install is trying to make changes on the phone's basic and essential files, such as changing the OS version of the phone.
  • The downloaded apk file is damaged or just partially downloaded (not completed).
  • The phone does not allow installation from unknown source.
  • The OS version of the phone is not compatible with the app to install.
  • The security system of the phone blocks all third-party installations.
Solution 1: Allow the Unknown Sourced App

To make sure that the parse error is fixed properly, the first way is to allowing the phone to install an app from unknown sourced, not necessarily from Android GooglePlay all the time. Here are the steps to do that:
  • Go to "Setting
    Image Source:
  • Select "Privacy
    Image Source:
  • Scroll down to find "Unknown Source"
  • Enable the option by sliding the corresponding box.
Solution 2: Enable USB Debugging

The next solution of removing “Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package” is by enabling USB debugging. To enable USB debugging, here are the step-by-step methods:
  • Open "Setting
    Image Source:
  • Scroll down to find "About Phone" section. Tap it. 
    Image Source:
  • Select "Build Number". Tap the option 7 times until you see "You are now a developer" message. 
    Image Source:
  • Get back to "Setting"
  • Scroll down to find "Developer Options
    Image Source:
  • Find "USB Debugging" option and slide the box to enable it.
  • Tap "OK" on the popup confirmation box.
Solution 3: Disable Anti-Virus App

Disabling anti-virus is also a solution to get rid of the parse error. If your phone does not have anti-virus, you do not have to get bothered in trying this method. However, if there is one, try to disable it for a while. Here is how:
Image Source:
  • Open "Setting"
  • Go to "Application Manager"
  • Select the anti-virus application and open it 
  • Tap the option "Disable"
  • Select "Yes" on the popup confirmation.
Solution 4: Download New APK

If none of those solutions is capable to fix the parse error on the phone, you may want to look at the APK file package you download. The cause of error is probably not the phone but the files. The files may be corrupted or incomplete.

Try to download a brand new APK file package. Then, install it on the phone. If they can be installed properly, then the error is rooted on the file package. Next time, download the proper APK file to avoid any parse error.

Now that you know everything about fixing the “Parse Error: There was a problem parsing the package”, you can use the Android phone smoothly. You can also make sure that the phone can be filled with third-party apps as well.

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