How to Remove System Apps from Android: Three Methods for the Safe Removal

You may need to learn how to remove system apps from Android. There are several different methods to do it and you will get to know each of them here.

Many users want to learn how to remove system apps from Android devices. If you are an Android user, you must have various apps that can be found already inside the device when you first purchase it. During the course of its usage, you may find that some of those built in apps are underutilized. You simply do not have any use of them.

In this case, you probably want to remove system apps from Android because these applications take a significant portion of your storage space which can be utilized for other purposes. However, this procedure is not as easy as uninstalling apps in your app store.

How to Remove System Apps from Android

User is recommended to have their device rooted before performing the app deletion. Having your device rooted means that you are unlocking the Android operation so you can have administrator’s access to its system.

There are three different methods to remove system apps from Android device. Each method will be discussed thoroughly in the following parts.

Utilizing File Managers

How to remove system app from Android safely? If you have rooted device, you will get comprehensive access to files that are kept in your phone without exception. You can easily delete unused system applications from your device to free up some storage space. However, such action is not always recommended.
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Instead of removing the unused apps from your device entirely, you are suggested to disable these apps. After the applications have been disabled, you can then move it to different storage system such as your SD card. If you do it, app recovery would be a totally speedy process.
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You can use an external apk such as Root Explorer to remove system apps from Android, either by data relocation or complete removal. If the app fails to do it, you may want to modify its setup. You should click on R/W sign until it changes into R/O.

Utilizing Program Named Titanium Backup

You can also remove system apps from Android device using a program called Titanium Backup. It is also used if the device has root access. Utilizing this program you only get to disable the system applications then relocate in to difference storage space instead of deleting them entirely. You can still use the disabled program later when you need it).
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How to remove system app from Android using this program? You need to tap on the application that you want to disable or freeze from the operating system. This program even has the option to backup the applications that you have disabled.

Utilizing Standard User Interface

If your device is not rooted, can you still remove system apps from Android? The answer is: yes, you can. Unfortunately, if you are using standard user interface to do it, your action is irreversible. You will no longer be able to access those applications on your device.

Here are the steps to do this task on non-rooted Android device.
  1. Head toward “Settings” menu to check all the applications available in your device (click “Application” then “All”). 
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  2. Scroll to find the application that you wish to remove from your device, tap on it, then click “Force Stop” to disable it. 
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There is one thing that you should understand, though. System apps are designed to be codependent with each other. When you disable a system application in your device, error may occur in other apps that you were not aware to be related to the disabled one. Therefore, you should do research before doing this task.

Hopefully this passage helps you in learning how to remove system apps from Android safely. This task can be done conveniently on your own. They are relatively easy to perform but you need to pay attention to the cautions.

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