Solution for "Screen overlay detected" Problem on Android

Android users started to report on "Screen overlay detected" problem back when the Marshmallow OS began to be commonly used. But, how can the users tackle the said issue?

If you have Android devices with Marshmallow or Nougat operating system, you might notice "Screen overlay detected" error on your devices lately. The error appears by popped up notifications while you’re trying to open certain application, with the message written on the screen. It might cause you to unable to open the application or it can limit the application usage.

A lot of Android users tackle it by resetting the device to initial factory setting or blocking and deleting their applications. Fortunately, even if the cause is still unknown, you don’t have to go to the extreme. Here’s several ways you can resolve the issue.

Screen overlay detected

Some smartphones experts seem to have found out that the exact reason of the “Screen overlay detected" pop up message is the Android’s new feature. Said feature in the Android Marshmallow and Nougat OS is the “Draw over other apps". This allows you to make permission for certain app to show on top of the other apps. Facebook messenger app can show the floating widget of the chat over other applications, for an example.

There is a big possibility that “Draw over other apps" or “Display over other apps” in the newer Android version, is the reason for "Screen overlay detected" error. Another reason is the common act conducted by the Android devices’ users: to do multitasking on applications and installing new app on the same time. The new app will force to operate while some changing on your smartphones might be needed.

When you download and install a new app while using instant messaging service like Facebook chat, you will possibly get the "Screen overlay detected", right when the new downloaded app is asking for permission on settings. It also can happen on any instant messaging app that does multitasking.

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Sometimes, the "Screen overlay detected" error message appears with an option for you to “Open Settings”. But strangely, when you tap it to open your phone’s settings, you are brought to the “Draw over other apps" menu.

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To find out which app is causing the problem, you can use two procedures below:

1. Look for recently used apps.

Instant messaging app that use floating widget style when closed is most likely the culprit of "Screen overlay detected" issue, for example Facebook Messenger service.

2. Look for apps that always running in the background of the system.

Check which one is using the feature of "Drawing over other app" when it’s running. For example, night light app like Twilight or camera based app. If the app is not used a lot, you can choose to uninstall it instead.

Once you figured out which app is responsible for "Screen overlay detected" issue, you can simply disable the feature to get rid of the problem, one by one on other applications until the problem is gone. Here’s the way to disable it:
  • Go to “Settings”, open “Apps Notifications
  • Select “Advanced” menu, “Special App Access”, and “Draw over other apps” 
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  • Simply disable the feature.
  • Continue to do so for the rest of apps on your phone.
In this case, the setting of the app is already blocking the permission, thus effectively eliminate “Screen Overlay Detected” message. However, this is far from an effective solution, especially if you have tons on application installed. Find out which applications can possibly have that option.

The “Screen Overlay Detected” problem is not a serious issue and can be solved just by a little fix and work to discover which apps are causing it. When the Android Marshmallow first launched, this issue is not heard much, but happen indeed. By the times going on, it happens much often but now you know how to solve the exact issue.

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