Fail to Login to Instagram: Sorry, There Was a Problem with Your Request

Do you see a message saying Sorry there was a problem with your request when logging into Instagram? Do not fret since some simple methods can solve it.

Have you ever encountered a message that says Sorry there was a problem with your request when utilizing Instagram? Usually, this problem occurs when user is trying to sign into their Instagram account. For an avid Instagram user, the issue can be really annoying. It prevents you from accessing your precious account, posting the latest photos, and interacting with friends or family members.

Why is there a problem with your request to log into the social media app? It is suspected that the application update might be the cause for the error. App updates are done to improve functionality and removing issues from previous app version. However, in some unfortunate cases, the update might be able to introduce a new error too.

Sorry, There Was a Problem with Your Request

Is there anything that you can do to fix it? There are seven method alternatives that would be discussed in the following sections. Some of them might work better for you if compared to the other ones.

1. Alternative #1: Login with different phone

In some cases, user will try to use different phone with an installed Instagram app for login. This method sounds so simple but to some people, it has worked wonders in allowing them to sign back into their account.
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2. Alternative #2: Login through registered Facebook account

Another method to try out if you encounter Sorry there was a problem with your request notification when trying to login to Instagram is by using Facebook to perform the task. It can be done as long as your Facebook account is linked to your Instagram account. This will help you gaining full access to the app.
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3. Alternative #3: Accessing Instagram through browser

The next thing that you can do is accessing Instagram through your smartphone browser. Currently, in this mode you will be able to login to your account and enjoy several features from this social media. Unfortunately, the web version is not entirely reliable alternative if you have a problem with your request to sign into the phone app.
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4. Alternative #4: Login with computer

For those who encounter a problem with your request to login to Instagram app on phone, you can actually utilize a computer with Windows 10 OS to perform the task. This OS has its own version of Instagram application. You always need your computer, though, if you want to login to the social media.

It is recommended to setup link between your Facebook and Instagram accounts so that you can access this platform through your phone (using Facebook app). You can do it by heading to “Setting” menu then choose to find friends on Facebook. Thus, if your Instagram still emits notification saying Sorry there was a problem with your request you can still login using the second method alternative.

5. Alternative #5: Disable account

You can also disable your Instagram account if there is a problem with your request to login. You can login to your account through browser then head to “Setting”. Choose to disable your account temporarily and usually in three hours the problem will work on itself.
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6. Alternative #6: Uninstall the app

A drastic measure to deal with a problem with your request to get into your account is by uninstalling Instagram from your phone. Once the program has been uninstalled, you can definitely install it back to your device then see if the problem has been solved.
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7. Alternative #7: Restore setting to default

If the other method does not work out, you may need to consider restoring device setting to default. Unfortunately, this method alternative demands you to take an extra step to backup your personal data. It will delete every change that you have made on your device.
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If you encounter notification saying Sorry there was a problem with your request you can try one of the alternatives mentioned above. They are likely to help you getting back on track.

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