How to Resolve Status Error 7 in TWRP on Android Phones

Are you currently having Status Error 7 in TWRP issue on your device or have encountered it in the past? Well, here are the solutions to the error problem.

Status Error 7 in TWRP is the common problem that Android users encounter when they are installing TWRP as official ROM for custom recovery. It is often found on Android devices that have root access. It happens if the script file is messed up because the ROM updater does not have your phone model listed under the script. The ROM cannot be installed if the data inside the script are not compatible.

When Status Error 7 in TWRP problem arises, you have to install the original script according to type of device that you own.

Status Error 7 in TWRP

How to Fix Status Error 7 in TWRP Immediately

1. Edit “Assert” from updater-script

The updater-script contains word “Assert” which act as a safety mechanism. It works by checking the version, model, custom ROM version on your smartphone, using Recovery system variable If the script code was matched, the installation can be permitted. On the contrary, if it was unmatched then you will see the Status Error 7 in TWRP.

Even if this issue is common to be found, it is also common to be fixed. Use the steps below if you still get Status Error 7 in TWRP over and over again even if your data script is compatible.
  • Get the ROM zip-file in your PC by copying it. Unzip the file immediately.
  • After it is unzipped, search for a folder called META-INF and go to the folder in following steps: META-INF > com > google > android.
  • In the android folder, search files called “Update-binary” and “Updater script.”
  • Rename the file “updater script” to the name “updater-script.txt” open the file on Notepad or other application with the same type.
  • Use CTRL+F to find the word “Assert” It will be highlighted after search, so remove the “Assert” on the first lines or beginning of the script
  • Save the file you’ve already modified
  • Rename the file from “updater-script.txt” back to “updater-script
  • Compress the ROM file back to the zip-file
  • Copy the zip-file back to your device from the computer
  • Turn off your smartphone and turn it on in Recovery mode. Try to update the ROM. By now, the Status Error 7 in TWRP must be gone already
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2. Reset your smartphones to the factory settings

If you already did the solution number 1, but the Status Error 7 in TWRP is still persistently show, then the last resort is to do factory reset. It is an extreme option as factory reset will remove all of your data entirely from the device, and it should be done as the last option only if the other options are not working. If you’ve decided to wipe all your data clean to fix Status Error 7 in TWRP issue on Android, make sure you have backed up all the important data first.

The steps that you need to do to reset the phone are the following:
  • Boot the device into Recovery mode
  • Go to the menu “Wipe data”, and then select “Advanced Wipe” option by tapping it.
  • Choose “Dalvik/ART cache
  • Find “Cache” and tap on it
  • Choose “Data” option
  • On “Swipe to Wipe” option, drag on your screen
  • The resetting process will start soon after
Status Error 7 in TWRP is actually not a harmless issue. Even if it is always associated with the device’s failure to update the system or flash the ROM zip-files, it is almost always fixable.

It feels great to get a taste of new updated software before it is even available on your region or change the lane to customizable ROM with endless possibilities. But Status Error 7 in TWRP is one of the risk failures if the users of the device are not familiar with the process.

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