How to Deal with Suspicious Login Attempt Issue in Instagram?

Have you ever fail to login to Instagram and instead getting a message declaring a suspicious login attempt? You will learn more about it here.

It is confusing to receive message saying suspicious login attempt to Instagram when you are the rightful owner of that account. This happens to many users regardless of their phone's operating system. You probably do not know what to do in this situation. This article will explain it to you along with the rationale behind such case.

Suspicious Login Attempt

Here Is How Suspicious Login Attempt Notice Occurs

1. Fail Login Attempt

Users attempt to log in into their Instagram account. They use their registered credentials (username and password) with correct typing.

2. Option for Account Recovery

A notification declaring a suspicious login attempt will appear on the screen. User will receive an offer to recover from that fail login attempt by sending security code to login.

3. Notification Appears Again

User who opts for phone code as their recovery mode will unfortunately still receive similar notification. This may still happen if you attempt it several more times.

What is the Reason for It?

If you are accessing user forum of Instagram you will notice that this issue seems to spread worldwide, not only in certain location. It seems like the suspicious login attempt notification also appears of user chooses email as their mode of recovery. Old account can experience it.

In addition to that, it seems like you will still receive similar notification if you are using a different device. Some users had attempted to try that method to no avail. It is curious case since both phone numbers and email address used for recovery are not inactive. What is the actual reason for it?

Other alternatives were done in order to get to the bottom of this suspicious login attempt case. People try to clear data and caches of Instagram app in their phone. Some others are attempting to remove then install the application back to their device. Others are trying to downgrade to the older Instagram version. However, these attempts are not successful.

There is one reason that seems to be the most plausible in causing failure of sign in attempt to Instagram: temporal change of geolocation. The change may happen to IP number, country, and region. How does a change in your geolocation cause such problem?

When there is a shift of geolocation in your account, the bot will immediately detect it. The bot is smart and can learn information from every change done immediately. Your geolocation when first login was made would be recorded and your security code is formed according to it.

Therefore, suspicious login attempt message will appear when geolocation shift occurs.

What is the implication of this? If you use home Wi-Fi connection to do login authorization after the ‘suspicious login attempt’ notifications appear, you may fail. It is because the first login is made with the same geolocation data as your authorization login. You should be using different geolocation for authorization process.

There is one way to attempt a successful login process. You should try to use your smartphone internet plan for it. The geolocation of your phone's data would be different from your Wi-Fi. Therefore, you will be able to access your account with it. Later, once you have made it safely to your Instagram account, you can switch back to home Wi-Fi to save up your internet plan.

Nonetheless, it is still a curious case to see why Instagram application does not allow recovery even with correct email address and phone number. It might be an issue that the developer must resolve within its system. When you get a suspicious login attempt problem and cannot recover your account with traditional mode, you should definitely try the method explained above. It works wonder.

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