Fixing “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” Notification on Android Phone

You may ever see "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" message in your phone’s screen. To handle it, follow these steps down below.

The “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” message often appears on Android smart phone display. The message indicates that there are some problems with the running apps, mostly caused by bugs on some of the installed app on the phone. It makes the apps get suddenly terminated and won’t perform carefully,

Unfortunately, the process has stopped

When your phone display the error message, it will be so annoying because the Android phone cannot be used properly. Even when you keep restarting the phone, the error message will keep reappearing on the screen. How to get rid of the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”? Here are several methods to do that.

Solution 1: Clearing Cache on Phone

The first solution to remove the process notification from Android phone is by getting rid of all cache piling up on the phone. When the cache is too much, it can slow down phone and cause malfunctions on several applications. The error message is probably caused by cache and thus making it mandatory to clear the cache. Here are several easy steps to clear the cache:
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  • Go to “Setting
  • Tap “Memory and Storage
  • Select “Internal Memory” and open it.
  • Look for the section “Cache” and tap the option.
  • The option “Clear Cache” will appear. Tap it.
  • Wait until the process of clearing cache is done.
Once the cache is cleared up from phone, try to restart the phone first before opening any app. If the error message the process is not there anymore, it means the method above is working to fix the issue.

Solution 2: Clearing Cache on Download Manager

The first solution above is to clear all the cache in general. However, sometimes the message the process is popping up because there are too much cache on specific application called “Download Manager”. This is the app to manage each and every app on the phone and sometimes it is plagued by bugs and error. The cache of this app has to be removed specifically as well. To do that, follow these steps:
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  • Go to "Setting"
  • Open "Application Manager"
  • Scroll down until you find "Download Manager"
  • Open the app and select "Clear Cache"
  • Tap "Yes" when a confirmation popup appears.
  • Wait until the process is done

Solution 3: Reset App Preference

If neither of the two solutions mentioned above is working to get rid of the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” and it keeps popping up on the screen, try to reset the app preference. This method is going to keep all applications on the phone work according to their original purpose. To reset app preference, follow these steps:
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  • Go to "Setting"
  • Open "Apps"
  • On the bottom part, there are two options "Settings" and "More". Select "More"
  • Select the option "Reset App Preference"
  • Restart the phone
This method should work to remove the process However, because the app preference is reset, you will have to encounter a lot of popup confirmation messages to set the default app when opening several apps. If you do not want this to happen, you may want to avoid trying this particular method.

Those are several simple ways to make sure that the message of the process will not reappear on the screen. However, if it kept popping up even after you try all of those methods above, it is probably the best option to bring the phone to a professional technician. They know exactly what to do to get rid of many error messages, including the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”.

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