Case of Multimedia Player: This Audio Format (AC3) is not Supported

Reading “This audio format (AC3) is not supported” when using MX Player is absolutely mind bogging. Luckily, you can fix this issue by yourself.

When using MX Player in your device, you may get notice ‘this audio format (AC3) is not supported’. You will still be able to play music or video using the application. Unfortunately, no sound will come out as the multimedia file is running. It can happen so suddenly without preamble too.

The main cause for audio format (AC3) error is suspected to be licensing related issue. If your device is detected to be using free codec, the audio will be terminated from your installed app. This case cannot be solved easily. The developer does not sell their codec’s official version even if you are willing to pay for it. You are stuck with multimedia player that does not emit an audio.

This Audio Format (AC3) is not Supported

Is there any method to solve this issue? You can try method that will be discussed in the following part to get your audio format (AC3) error fixed.

Fixing Audio Issue in Your MX Player

Here are the steps to fix your player when ‘this audio format (AC3) is not supported’ notice appears on your phone during its usage.

Step 1: Identifying the right codec

Your first task in solving audio format (AC3) error is to identify which codec that is going to suit your device. You need to access the MX Player then head to “Options” to look at its “Settings”.
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Step 2: Choosing decoder

Once you have been in the “Settings” menu of the MX Player, you need to tap on “Decoder”. It is the third sub menu from top.
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Step 3: Saving the codec

Once you already get to “Decoder”, you need to scroll through its list until the very bottom. You will find “Custom codec” option. Tap on that then copy the codec that you will require. You need to know which codec is compatible with your phone.
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Step 4: Downloading the proper codec

You can head to codec developer page then find your device’s compatible codec on the list. Tap on the codec then your download process will be starting. The file will be downloaded as zip. This new codec should be able to fix audio format (AC3) error.

Step 5: Operating the multimedia player

You can operate the multimedia player to know if it already reads the new codec that you have downloaded. User can see confirming notification that asks whether the custom codec would be applied. Click on “OK” to confirm your agreement.
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Step 6: Restarting the multimedia player

User will be requested to restart the multimedia player. Click on “OK” to complete the step. Once the application is already reloaded, you will no longer see ‘this audio format (AC3) is not supported’ notification.
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Step 7: Choosing the codec in zip file

The Step 7 to Step 9 is done if in Step 5 you did not get confirmation of new codec. It might be because your player does not recognize zip file format. You must head to the application the choosing “Settings” menu. After that, you can go to “Decoder” to choose custom codec.
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Step 8: Setting up path for the codec

You may also need to setup the path for your codec. It is important to know where the zip file is kept n to fix your audio format (AC3) error. If you download it directly from your device, you can find it in “Download” folder.

Step 9: Restarting the multimedia player again

Once everything has been setup, you can restart the MX Player again. Your audio problem should already be solved by then.

There is another method worth trying out too if the aforementioned method has failed to deliver you the expected result. You can do it by returning the MX Player’s current setting to the default one. It is done by heading to Settings to find the app then clicking on option to use the default codec. After this, usually notice of ‘this audio format (AC3) is not supported’ will no longer appear on your device.

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