Some Methods to Solve Error of Unfortunately, App has stopped

It is annoying to receive notification of “Unfortunately, App has stopped”. That's why it is great to know solutions for this problem.

In using your smartphone, it is possible to find notification of “Unfortunately, App has stopped”. When it appears, there is nothing to worry. It is true that there is something wrong with your device or application, but it does not always lead to big trouble.

Although it does not always indicate serious problems, it still can be so annoying to suddenly receive the notification. Therefore, it is great to know some tips of how to fix “Unfortunately, App has stopped”. It is still solvable problems, so you only need to follow these steps.

Unfortunately, App has stopped

Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall the error app

This method is very easy to use and it becomes the common solutions for “Unfortunately, App has stopped.” When the notification only refers to certain app and does not happen in all apps, it can be the good solution. Probably, there are bugs or crashes on certain app, and reinstalling it will solve the problem.

There is no specific step to reinstall the app. You only need to choose specific app that gives the notification and then uninstall it. After that, you can go to Play Store to download and reinstall the app. Commonly, it will stop the notification of “Unfortunately, App has stopped.”

Method 2: Uninstall Your Latest Updated Apps

Crashes and the notification of “Unfortunately, App has stopped” can appear because of the new updates. The updates are actually not suitable or it is not fully completed. When these happen, these also lead to the problems that create the notification.

Some updates are not fully perfect or suitable for your devices. That is why the app cannot work properly. As the solution, you should uninstall the updated app in your device. In case you need the app, you can easily look for older version from other websites.

Method 3: Clear and remove the app cache and data

All apps in your devices have caches and data. However, some caches and data contain crashes, bugs, and other problems. That's why the solution to remove notification of Unfortunately, App has stopped is by cleaning them.

It is actually easy to do as you only need to follow the steps. Although some devices will have some small differences in finding the location, but basically they have the same methods in cleaning the cache and data.
  • Go to the Setting
  • Find Application. There may be different lists or name for this submenu. However, these all refers to the same submenu to view and manage all of installed apps in your device. 
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  • Find specific app that gives the notification 
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  • Find the option to clean caches and data. Execute the cleaning and wait for the process.

Method 4: Clear and Make Free Space on RAM

Running apps take the capacity of RAM. When there are many apps, it can make RAM overloaded, and some apps cannot work properly. It is also how you find notification of “Unfortunately, App has stopped.” Of course, the solution is to clean your RAM.

There are many ways to clean RAM. Basically, it is to stop the apps running in the background. You can go to the submenu of applications in your setting. Then, just close some running apps. You may also go to the Task Manager and choose Clear Memory.

Method 5: Factory Reset

In some conditions, the problem of “Unfortunately, App has stopped” does not come from the app. This is more serious since it refers to the operating system. This method can be chosen when those four solutions cannot solve the problems.

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You can find the access to do Factory Reset. It is located in Setting. However, you have to be ready since executing this task will erase all of your data and remove the installed apps. It is like wiping out the device.

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Well, those are some steps and solutions to choose. Each of them can be tried, but the last method requires thorough consideration since it wipes out the data and apps and it does not only remove the error of “Unfortunately, App has stopped.”

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