Stopping "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" Message from Reappearing on Android Screen

To remove the Unfortunately, System UI has stopped message, follow these steps. They will help you fix the problems.

The message of "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" often appears on Android phone. It is quite bothering because when the message pops, the phone freezes and won’t be able to work properly. It will not allow you to open any app at all. What causes this System UI has stopped problem? There are several factors to cause it, among them are:
  • There is a third-party launcher used in your phone
  • Cache and data are corrupted while doing application updates
  • Specifically for Samsung Galaxy S7, it has something to do with "TouchWiz" application.
Unfortunately, System UI has stopped

Besides all those error causes, the phone can display the message because of other factors. However, those are the most common ones. Regardless, you still need to get rid of the message as soon as possible.

To make sure that the "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" error won’t bother you anymore; try to get rid of it for good. How to do that? There are couple of the methods that can be tried down below. They will help getting rid of the System UI has stopped message. Here they are.

Solution 1: Delete Update on Google App

The first solution to get rid of the "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" is to delete update on Google app. Google is the main app on the phone. However, it often gives updates and it may interfere with the system UI.

To make sure that the error message won’t appear anymore, you need to go to the Google PlayStore. This is why you are going to need an internet connection to do that. Once you get to the store, there are a few steps to do. To delete update on Google app, follow these steps:
  • Go to "Google PlayStore" and open it. 
    Image Source:
  • Select "My Apps & Games
    Image Source:
  • Find the "Installed" tap
  • Open "Google
    Image Source:
  • Tap the top right corner, find "Auto-update" box. Uncheck the box. 
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  • Select "Delete Update" and wait until the process is done. 
    Image Source:
After all the process is done, make sure that you try to restart the phone. The System UI has stopped message won’t appear anymore after the phone restart is done. If they are still there, try to use other methods, like this one down below.

Solution 2: Using System Interface

If that first method is not working, try to stop the message of System UI has stopped from appearing by using the system interface. It is quite complicated but when it is done, it can be used to make sure that the phone will work properly again. Here are the steps to do this method:
  • Go to "Setting"
  • Select "Applications" and then "Menu"
  • Scroll down to find "Show system application"
  • Find the option "System Interface" and then select "Memory"
  • Clear all data and cache
Just like the first method, to keep all the changes, try to restart the phone after the process is done. It will help fixing the phone and make sure that the annoying System UI has stopped message is not going to appear on the phone anymore.

Those are some of the best solution you can get to fix the error of the phone. After that, there is no way that the phone will have the same error. Make sure you try all of those suggested steps above and it will fix the problem.

After trying those solutions above, you will be able to use your phone properly again without the error of "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" appearing on the phone. There is no way that the phone will freeze continuously again and prevent you from using them with ease.

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