Fixing Unknown Error Code during Application Installation: "-24" on Your Own

Unknown error code during application installation: "-24" notice may appear suddenly when you install a new app. Is it possible to solve it on your own?

At times a notice that reads unknown error code during application installation: "-24" will suddenly appear on smartphone screen during an app installation process. After that, the installation process will be terminated immediately. This situation can be really annoying for users, especially if it happens repeatedly.

Once you have found such unknown error code notice on your phone, you will not be able to install new application into your Android device in the following future. Every time you do it, such notice will appear right away. Is there a way to solve this case?

Unknown Error Code during Application Installation: "-24"

What is the Root Cause for This Issue?

This issue is caused when your system is overloaded with data. As you are using your smartphone daily, the device is going to record some important data in various place. This process is going to make your activity in the smartphone more convenient. An example to this process is browser history. Your phone will keep website that you visit often using your mobile device.

Unfortunately this activity can create unknown error code. Your phone has limited storage capacity. Therefore the accumulation of data over the time is going to take a toll on your system. It is not only going to prevent user from adding more application to their smartphone. In the long run, the device will slow down and experience other glitches too.

Therefore, cleaning your smartphone data should be your biggest priority in tackling this unknown error code issue. The safest way to do this is visiting the official reparation shop. Technicians will fix this small issue in no time at all. You need to pay for such service, though.

Is it possible to fix the appearance of unknown error code during application installation: "-24" notice on your own? There are two methods that you can try out in order to solve this issue. They will be discussed in the next sections.

Manual Data Cleaning

The first way to solve the sudden glitch in app installation is by cleaning your device from excessive data manually. Of course, this technique has a probability to lead to another issue in the future if you somehow deleted important data. It will be wise for you to backup your data to another device (e.g.: hard disk or computer) beforehand. Here are the steps to fix unknown error code issue with this method.
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  • Open your Android smartphone.
  • Head to folder collections and choose “data/data”.
  • Delete files that you deem to be unimportant.
  • After that, you should access data in your SD card.
  • Delete files that you think to be not important from that folder.
  • Try installing a new app from Google Play to see if unknown error code during application installation: "-24" notice still appears.

Using Special Data Cleaning Application

Manually cleaning data from your smartphone can take a significant amount of your time. Thus, many developers provide data cleaning application to make the task easier. You no longer have to scroll through each file in your data folders to delete them. In addition to that, such application can detect hidden files.

However, you are still recommended to backup all of your important files to another device before performing this automatic data deletion. The application should be installed in your smartphone as well. Here are the steps to utilize such application.
  • Open your smartphone device.
  • Access the data cleaning application.
  • Run the data cleaning by clicking “Start”.
  • Wait until the cleaning process is completed.
  • Attempt to install a new application to your phone to check if unknown error code issue is still happening.
Normally, both methods are sufficient to tackle this issue so you will not need to visit the technician when the error occurred. However, if you have tried doing both of them and unknown error code during application installation: "-24" notice still pops out every time you try to download new app, you should immediately bring your phone to official booth.

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