Waiting for Wi-Fi Error during App Installation: What to Do?

Sometimes “Waiting for Wi-Fi” notice will appear during the process of installing app. This situation is annoying, but you can solve it by yourself.

Have you ever seen a message that reads “Waiting for Wi-Fi” during the installation of an application to your Android device? This situation can get really annoying, especially if the installation process gets stretched out and eventually fails. In the end, you have done a long wait for naught.

Many users think that the Wi-Fi waiting issue can be solved by using phone data. It turns out that the issue can still happen, even if you are switching your internet connection plan. The actual error is not caused by your internet connection. A version of Google Play is responsible for this issue.

Waiting for Wi-Fi

When it happens to your phone, you do not need to panic at all. Some DIY methods can be followed to fix the issue without having to repair the device in official store. Let’s take a look at these methods.

Inactivating Any Download Managing App in the Phone

Every Android device is equipped with built in download manager. User also has the option to install an app to manage download and accelerate the process. Sometimes, this app cause waiting for Wi-Fi error as discussed in this passage. Inactivating the download manager might be a simple solution for the issue. Here are the steps to do that.
  1. Head toward “Downloads” then tap on three dots on top right corner of your page. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  2. Choose “Setting”. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  3. Inactivate the download manager used for download process.
You should remember that this method only applies if you check that the Google Play version installed in your phone is not the 7.6 version. If notice of waiting for Wi-Fi still appears when you are trying to install a new app into your phone, you may be better off trying the other methods.

Installing another Version of Google Play

The waiting for Wi-Fi issue that happens on your phone is caused by system error from the developer. If you install that specific Google Play version in your phone, there is basically nothing that you can do to fix your situation. Unless, you are installing another version of the application to your phone and wait until the glitch is fixed.

The following guideline shows you how to do it.
  1. Inactivate your internet connection.
  2. Clear all data then delete Google Play app that is installed to your phone. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  3. Turn the internet back on to download another version of the app. You can also download this to another device first. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  4. Use root access to copy the other app version to your phone data. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  5. Setup the root access which only allows owner to write on the app. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  6. Reboot the device.
Once you have done all of those steps, you need to head to Play Store to download a new app. User can check if waiting for Wi-Fi notice still appears during the installation process.

Accessing Recovery Menu in the Phone

To tackle the waiting for Wi-Fi issue, you can access the recovery menu in your device. This method is slightly more complicated than the others. However, it can be more effective to solve the annoying issue and enable you to download your favorite apps without glitch.

Let’s take a look at the steps to solve this waiting for Wi-Fi error in recovery menu. You need to install loader that is already unblocked in the phone beforehand.
  1. Download the Play Store app into internal or external memory. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  2. Reboot the device into entering recovery mode. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  3. Choose “Install” and tap on the application that you downloaded into device’s memory.
  4. A new app will be installed and you can check if similar error still occurs.
All of those methods above have high rate of success when it comes to solving waiting for Wi-Fi error. They are quite simple to follow and you hardly need the tools to perform the tasks.

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