What is App Vault on Xiaomi Smartphones and Can You Disable It?

Many users are still asking what is App Vault on Xiaomi smartphones. Here, you will learn about its functions and method to disable it.

People are asking about what is App Vault on Xiaomi smartphones. This application just sits in your phone without you really knowing what it actually is. Some users fear that the application is a malware that will disrupt the functions in your phone and even perform data breach. However, there is no need to worry about that.

App Vault on Xiaomi is actually a part of the manufacturer’s official firmware. It is released with the newer MIUI version. The application is already installed in every model released by the manufacturer so you will immediately get one right after purchasing it for the first time.

What is App Vault on Xiaomi Smartphones

What is the use of App Vault on Xiaomi? The application is actually designed to be very beneficial for smartphone users. This application compiles all the apps you often use in your phone or considered to be the most important in one vault. Thus, you do not need to scroll through your application list to access these apps. Opening your vault will provide you one single access.

Another use from this application is to take notes and creating a schedule. When you are a busy person who has to move fast, you cannot waste time to scroll through your phone. You definitely will not be able to pick up your book and write. You must do everything quickly. Thus, this application is super useful for people who are always on the go.

Sadly, this feature is not exactly appreciated by everyone. Some people have already formed a habit of scrolling through their app list that the vault just becomes a nuisance on their home screen, especially since it takes a considerably large space. Thus, they want to delete the application.

However, as you understand the answer to what is App Vault on Xiaomi smartphones, you know that this application is a built in firmware. You will not be able to delete it just easily. Your best bet is actually to disable the application in your device.

Here are the steps to disable App Vault on Xiaomi. Luckily, you do not have to establish root access to conduct this procedure.

1. See your phone’s setup

The first thing that you need to do is seeing the setup in your smartphone. You have to head to the “Settings” function in your phone by tapping on it. This menu contains every single processing in your device, including App Vault in Xiaomi.
Image Source: android-fix.com
2. Access the home screen

This application is accessible through home screen, so it is understandable if you will find the application’s setup in the home screen submenu. You need to scroll through the options offered in “Settings” function then click on “Home Screen”.
Image Source: android-fix.com
3. Disable the App Vault on Xiaomi

The next step is to disable the application on your smartphone. In “Home Screen” you will be able to find the app’s name. If the application is active, you will see the toggle on the right side and colored blue. To disable it, you must shift the toggle to left side until the button turns into grey color. Check if the application has been disabled on your phone.

Knowing what is App Vault on Xiaomi smartphones benefits, you may want to re-activate this useful application in your smartphone again. You can do it by performing the steps mentioned above. However, in the third step, you need to shift the toggle to right side until the button turns blue. Thus the vault can be found again in your home screen.

This article should be able to explain what is App Vault on Xiaomi smartphones to you very clearly. Some people hate it, but many others love it. If you want to deactivate it, you can follow the aforementioned method.

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