Detailed Explanation on what is GApps and How to Install It

A lot of custom ROM Android users still haven’t fully understood about what is GApps. Here’s a guide on the application.

What is GApps? It is not rare to find the term on website that provides tips and problem solving for Android operating system users. But you may still haven’t understood what is it, how to use it, or how to download it completely. Here you will find the explanation of GApps.

So, to put a detailed answer of what is GApps, It is a customizable APK used on unlocked Android smartphones that can be downloaded and installed. If you are one of the Android users, then you must be familiar with the products package available, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Talk, Google+, and so many more.

What is GApps

How to Install It

Now after you get the basic grip explanation of what is GApps, it is time to download it. The simplest way to download the application is from Open GApss official site. Here are the steps you can follow:
  1. On your device, search for Open GApps app, and then download and install it. 
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  2. After you have installed the app, choose GApps you that you wanted to have. 
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  3. Installed GApps will appear on Recovery menu

What You Need to Know Before Installing the App

Besides knowing what is GApps, there are some things about your device specs you have to understand. It is the choices you’ll be provided during the installation. It depends on your device type and can result in different outcome based on what you pick.

1. Platform

Getting the platform right is the first step to correctly install the app. Check the hardware specs of your smartphone to know which option should you choose. The option on the application is including:
  • ARM
    • Choose ARM If you have standard ARM processors.
  • ARM64
    • Choose this second option if you have 64-bit ARM processors.
  • x86
    • Select x86 option If you have 32-bit Intel processors.
  • x86_64
    • Choose this last choice if you have 64-bit Intel processors.
2. Android OS version

Knowing what is GApps and what is your OS version is important. As continuously growing and developing OS, there are several versions of Android that you can find by opening “Settings”, select “System” and tap on “About Phone” information. Here are some version choices available
  • 4.0: KitKat version
  • 5.0: Lollipop version
  • 6.0: Marshmallow version
  • 7.0: Nougat version
  • 8.0: Oreo version
  • 9.0: Pie version
3. Variant

The last step is to choose what is GApps packages you’d want to install. There are several options such as Super, Stock, Pico, Nano, Micro, Mini, Full, TV, and Aroma package you can get, after you know ‘what is GApps package’ that you need. Pico is the smallest that only featured Google Play and Package Installer. The Super option will provide you all the Google apps. Stock option offers essential apps collection.

Different Types of Google Apps Bundles

What is GApps bundle? It is the package of certain applications you choose based on what you’d use it for. As a giant manufacturer that tries to cater services to all types of target users, Google offers various application customs for different industries. Here are some of them:
  1. Free Google Apps
    • Containing free services such as Google Sites, Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar
  2. Education Google Apps
    • Free application for academic related activities
  3. Business Google Apps
    • Paid service version which offer collaborated web-based applications materials
  4. Government Google Apps
    • Government certified collaborative web-based tools
  5. Non-profit Google Apps
    • Specifically created for communication tool for non-profit organizations
Now that you have fully understood ‘what is GApps’ and how to install it, all you have to do is just download the application. Using the application will offer you flexibility on utilizing your Android device.

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