Understanding what is "MBN Test" app on Android Phone

Are you asking about what is "MBN Test" app? Find out what is it actually here, and understand the real function for Android devices.

Numerous people have been asking about what is "MBN Test" app when they open up their Android phone’s setting. There, you can see the downloaded app on the phone. There are so many apps that people are not familiar with and they are already there right from the start.

What is MBN Test app

One of them is the MBN Test app. What exactly is this app and why is this app installed on the phone? According to several sources, the app is the one to control the dual SIM function as well as the 4G LTE connection to the phone.
Image Source: android-fix.com
This is why you should not try to delete the MBN app on Android. Even when the app is opened (on setting) and the “Uninstall” button is available, removing the app from the phone is not suggestible. There are so many bad things that can happen to the phone if you are no expert and unwisely deleting the unknown app like that.

Basically, it is the reason why you should understand ‘what is "MBN Test" app’ first before trying to do anything about it. It is believed that many people have tried to remove the app and their phone works improper afterward.

Why You Should Not Delete the App?

Let’s find out why you should never ever try to delete the app. Instead of deleting MBN app, make sure that you know ‘what is "MBN Test" app’ first and its function. When you do understand that the app is altering with the 4G connection as well as dual SIM features on the Android device, you can tell that the app is quite important and it won’t be necessary to delete it.

What will happen if you do delete the app before even understanding what is "MBN Test" app? These unwanted issues may happen. Read them all well so that you won’t be making the reckless decision of deleting existing app on the Android phone, because besides MBN, there are several other unfamiliar apps on the list with similar functions as MBN.

1. 4G Connection Won't Be Available

You know ‘what is "MBN Test" app’ and the function is to establish 4G connection to the phone. So, when the app is removed, there is no doubt that there will be no 4G connection received by the phone.

2. Dual SIM Function May Not Work

If you wish to use 2 SIM cards at the same time, you need the MBN app. By reading the what is "MBN Test" app definition, it can be assured that the app is the one managing the SIM duality on a phone. Do not remove the app if you want to use double SIM cards.

3. May Causing Device Further Damages

Removal of a software-related app like MBN can certainly cause damages, like severe damages. There is no doubt that the action will cause the phone to experience boot loop or other errors that have to be solved by hard resetting the phone. This is why understanding what is "MBN Test" app is essential.

If there are so many damages and issues that can be caused by the removal of MBN, what can you do to at least getting rid of it from the application list? Well, you can try hibernating the app. It will turn off the app, basically.

It can be done by going to “Setting” and then “Applications” and open the MBN app. Select “Hibernate” to temporarily disable the app. Some people have tried this method and they find no issues afterward.

However, knowing what is "MBN Test" app and understanding its function, it is better for you to let the app be. After all, it won’t eat up space and slow down the RAM, though. So, just let the app there and let it does its function without interruptions.

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