What is The "blockota" File in MIUI and How to Remove It?

Understanding ‘what is the "blockota" file in MIUI’ would be beneficial for Xiaomi users. Find out about this file here and learn its functions.

For Xiaomi users, they often ask about what is the "blockota" file in MIUI so frequently. Being one of the most popular brands of phone today, Xiaomi is indeed used by a lot of people. This Chinese phone manufacturer is well-known for its advanced technology and its relatively fair price for the phone and gadget products.

The thing about Xiaomi is that there are so many strange stuffs inside the phone, including unknown files and apps. This “blockota” file is one of them. You may find it suddenly appear on the “Download” folder on the phone without you realizing of ever download blockota file in MIUI in the first place. What is this app and what is its function? More importantly, can it be removed from the phone? Find out the answers here.
What is The blockota File in MIUI

Blockota and Its Functions

Let’s begin by answering the question of what is the "blockota" file in MIUI. Basically this is a zip file containing updates for the newest or latest version of the MIUI (Xiaomi’s ROM OS). The file is needed so that the phone can update the MIUI system using the OTA technology. OTA stands for Over-The-Air and it is the kind of technology to allow updates to install automatically.

You do not need to get worried about how the zip file gets on the “Download” folder at sudden while you do not even feel downloading it at all. It is in the nature of the system to automatically download the zip file. When the update is done, the file should disappear on its own. However, sometimes blockota file in MIUI has to be removed manually, too.

Why Xiaomi Users Tend to Remove the File?

After understanding ‘what is the "blockota" file in MIUI’, it is clear that the file can be removed. Why people tend to remove the zip file? The answer is quite simple: its size. The size of the file is very random. Sometimes, it comes so light, only a few megabytes. However, most of the times, the zip files are huge. It is often in the size of over one gigabyte.

Of course, this is a huge burden for the phone, especially when the Xiaomi phone that you are using is already running out of storage. That is why the blockota file in MIUI needs to be removed as soon as possible. It will help free some spaces on the phone, preventing it from lagging and from any other unwanted issues that may relate to tight storage.

What to Consider Before Removing the File?

The only thing to consider before removing the zip file is to make sure that the phone is already updated to the latest MIUI version. That way, you can be sure that you do not need the blockota file in MIUI anymore. After that, the file can be deleted and it won’t make any impact to the phone.

How to Remove Blockota from Phone

To remove the blockota file in MIUI, follow this step-by-step tutorial. It is very easy to do and everyone can do it in seconds. You do not even need internet connection to do this method.
  1. Open "Downloads" app
  2. Go to the storage path where the zip file is stored
  3. Press on the blockota zip file for several seconds until "Delete" button appears on the screen.
  4. Click on the button and wait for the removal to complete
After doing that removal method, the zip file should be gone by now. If it comes back at some point, make sure the update is done and then remove it again. This is why you should know ‘what is the "blockota" file in MIUI’ and its function before trying to remove it.

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