What is the MIUI Daemon App on Xiaomi and How You Could Remove It?

If your one of the Android users, you might have wondered about what is the MIUI Daemon App on Xiaomi and if you should get rid of it. Here’s the helpful guide on the topic.

The discussions about what is the MIUI Daemon app on Xiaomi have been circulating inside the brand’s user communities, whether it is about the general app, its purpose, or its benefits for the users. The talk about potential security breach has also been spreading around. Here’s the detailed guidance about MIUI Daemon app if you wanted to know more about the application.

Does Xiaomi Tracks You and Your Data?

There has been a lot of warning about Xiaomi’s privacy policy, that the manufacturer had planted data tracker on its devices. The truth has yet to be revealed, but there are a lot of claims that the MIUI graphic interface indeed collects users’ personal information through the app. It sends the user’s data to their central servers at China from time to time.

What is the MIUI Daemon App on Xiaomi

One of the suspected applications is the MIUI Daemon app. It is pretty evident that the app can collect and send your information details, for examples:
  • How long your screen has turned on
  • The statistic of main memory loading
  • The usage statistic of your device’s CPU and battery
  • Activation status on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • IMEI’s number

Is It Actually Harmful?

It is possible for the users to have no idea on what is the MIUI Daemon app on Xiaomi assumes that the app is suspiciously harvesting their private data. However, the MIUI Daemon app is actually used by Xiaomi only to collect statistic. It is, indeed, send information to the manufacturer’s servers. The vendor puts the app in order to build new updates and firmware by analyzing Xiaomi users’ activities so they could develop the brand based on the users’ needs. The app is often eating away the battery strength though, so you may want to uninstall it or deactivate it instead.

How to Disable the App?

The simplest and most basic answer of what is the MIUI Daemon app on Xiaomi is that it is a bloatware. If you haven’t aware of what bloatware is, it is common term used by vendors who locked the apps inside their smartphone products, including Xiaomi. It could be beneficial in order to create unique and interesting interface, but most of the time, it can be really irksome.

Users usually get rid of the bloatware by rooting by the device, on their own risks. But there is actually a certain way to uninstall the MIUI Daemon app without having to root your smartphone system, which is by using the MIUI app hidden setting. The setting is specifically built for developers to carry out complex task by few simple steps. You will be able to access notification log, for example, which is not even an option before. Hidden MIUI features will allow you to disable built-on apps, even the Google application. Note that the app’s tabs might be a bit different for each version of Android.

Follow the steps below to get through the process:
  1. Download and install the MIUI Hidden Settings.
  2. Open the application right after you have installed it.
  3. Choose your device’s Android OS version.
  4. Select the Manage Applications menu.
  5. Choose whichever application you want to uninstall from your smartphone by clicking on it, which in this case is the MIUI Daemon app.
  6. Select the option “Uninstall” or “Disable”.
  7. There would be a pop-up message asking if you want to disable it. Continue by selecting the “Disable App” button.
By knowing ‘what is the MIUI Daemon app on Xiaomi’ and how to disable it, you can avoid some unwanted issues. Other than using the method above, you could use tricky solution by rooting your phone, but it cannot guarantee trouble-free state sometimes in the future.

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