What is the MSA App on Xiaomi and Should You Disable It?

This time, you may look for what is the MSA app on Xiaomi. Well, the answer should be found here along with the quick, easy way on how to disable it.

The question of what is the MSA app on Xiaomi must be asked quite a lot of times by the users of Xiaomi devices. As we all know, Xiaomi is now one of the most famous China-based device manufacturers around the world.

Their products, particularly the smart phones, become very famous and sold everywhere because people love how cheap the smart phones are. However, the quality of the phone is so good and should never get underestimated.

What is the MSA App on Xiaomi

However, Xiaomi has quite a lot of unknown apps installed on the phone when you first buy it. One of the apps is called MSA. What is this MSA app on Xiaomi and what does it do? If it does not have anything to do with the phone, can you uninstall or at least disable it? Find out the answers down below.

What is MSA App?

MSA stands for MIUI System Ads. From the name, you can tell that this app is a sort of ad-inducing app that can make advertisements available to be displayed on the phone. When the MSA app on Xiaomi is turned on, the system of the phone is basiclaly allowed to let ads to pop on the screen.

The app can be quite disturbing, though, because add will be displayed at random times. It means that even though you are in the middle of playing game, streaming, or texting, there will be add that will get displayed, hence disturbing the view.

Is It Safe to Disable?

Now you know ‘what is the MSA app on Xiaomi’, let’s move to the next question: is it safe to disable it? Well, if you really want to, you can. There will be warnings, though, alerting you that when the app is disabled, there may be some errors and unwanted issues on the smart phone.

Even so, the app is apparently safe to disable. A lot of people with Xiaomi phones on their hands have tried to disable the MSA app on Xiaomi and nothing bad happens. This is why if you really think that the app is annoying and you do not want those ads suddenly popping on your phone, disable the MIUI System Ads.

How to Disable MSA App

After understanding what is the MSA app on Xiaomi and figuring out that it is apparently safe to disable, now let’s go finding out how to disable the app. Thankfully, the app is fully capable to be disabled and the step-by-step tutorial is quite easy to follow, too.

It means that you do not need professional help to remove the MSA app on Xiaomi from your phone. All you need to do is just making sure that the setting or control panel on your Xiaomi device is accessible. Then, you can start disabling the MIUI System Ads. Here is the step-by-step guidance to follow:
  1. Go to "Setting"
  2. Scroll down until you find "System and Device"
  3. Select "Private Data Access"
  4. Find "MSA" and tap the box next to it to disable

Advantages after Disabling MSA App

When the MSA app is disabled, there will be some advantages that you will get. Instead of disturbing the performance of the phone, you can enhance it. This is the list of what advantages you should get after successfully removing or disabling the MSA app on Xiaomi:
  1. There won’t be any adds on the screen
  2. Saving more data plan and Wi-Fi usage
  3. Preventing phones from lagging
Now you have understood everything about MIUI System Ads app found on Xiaomi device. Basically, it is ad-inducing app that you should get rid of when you do not like ads suddently appears on the screen on your phone. This is why you have to figure out what is the MSA app on Xiaomi and how to remove it right from the start.

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