What is Wfd Service on Xiaomi: Definition, Functions, and Else

Many people do not understand ‘what is Wfd Service on Xiaomi’. Find out the answer about what it is down below.

Asking what is Wfd Service on Xiaomi is common for the Chinese-based smart phone users. When using Xiaomi smart phones, it is quite common to see a lot of system apps that you do not even understand what they are. One of them is surely the Wtd Service. What is it and what does it do?

If you are asking the same question and you are currently using Xiaomi device, find out about the app down below. It will tell you exactly what the app is and its function. Hopefully, you won’t get confused anymore while using the Xiaomi phone with Wfd Service on Xiaomi on it. Here’s the explanation:

What is Wfd Service on Xiaomi

What is Wfd Service?

Wfd Service stands for Wi-Fi Direct Service. It is one of the most important apps on Xiaomi smart phone along with its MIUI system. The Wfd Service on Xiaomi is regulating the connection between Wi-Fi devices to the smart phone. It also establishes the Wi-Fi connection of the phone so that it could be used to get internet access.
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The Functions of Wfd Service

There are so many functions of the app. So, after understanding ‘what is Wfd Service on Xiaomi’, you need to know what the app can do for your phone. Here is the list of the functions of the Wfd Service app that you can get benefits of.
  • Allowing the Xiaomi smart phone to get Wi-Fi access
  • Connecting the smart phone to internet
  • Establishing a mutual connection between the smart phone to other Wi-Fi powered devices, such as smart TV, game console, and many more.

Benefits of Wfd Service

It is clear now that the main function of the app is to connect the phone to other Wi-Fi-powered devices. With this ability, your phone will have so many ways to be more enjoyable. Read the explanation about the benefits of Wfd Service Wfd Service on Xiaomi down below.
  • You can connect the phone to a smart TV to enjoy watching videos or streaming on bigger display.
  • You can connect the phone to Wi-Fi powered speakers to get better experience in listening music.
  • You can connect the phone to game consoles to play online games using professional consoles.

Should You Disable It?

You know ‘what is Wfd Service on Xiaomi’, its functions, and its benefits. Now let’s move on to the biggest question: should you disable it? Well, it is common to disable system apps on Xiaomi and its MIUI system. However, for the Wfd Service, the answer is no. Do not EVER disable the app.
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Why not? It is because there will be so many errors and malfunctions that will happen when the Wfd Service on Xiaomi is disabled. It won’t get connected to Wi-Fi easily and surely you do not want this to happen. Also, it will be impossible for the smart phone to get connected to other Wi-Fi devices, thus decreasing its function.

Please remember that you do not want to disable important system apps, such as the ones related to Wi-Fi and 4G connections like this Wfd Service on Xiaomi, because it will heavily disturb the phone’s performance. Instead of making it more spacious and faster, disabling important app will make the phone heavily malfunctioned for sure.

Now you know exactly about Wfd Service, you can tell also how important it is. Considering that the app is quite essential, just leave the app alone. It should be there on the system undisturbed. If you want to make changes on the system app, make sure that the app is excluded. The explanation above has told you about what is Wfd Service on Xiaomi and the risk of disabling it.

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