Removing Wi-Fi Exclamation Point on Android Phone

When ‘Wi-Fi exclamation point’ starts appearing on Android phone, it can be really bothering. Find out how to get rid of it here.

Wi-Fi exclamation point often appears on Android phone, particularly on those that use Android 5.0 or Lollipop OS. The Wi-Fi icon is going to have an annoying exclamation point on it, indicating something is wrong with the connection. When the exclamation point appears, it means the device is indeed connected to Wi-Fi, but gains no internet connection.

Wi-Fi Exclamation Point

The mind-boggling thing about it is when you can still accessing the internet, even when Wi-Fi exclamation point is there. When it happens, you will have to do something to the phone to fix the issue. Here is the easy way to get rid of the exclamation point on Android Lollipop phone to avoid seeing the annoying icon all day long.

How to Remove the Annoying Wi-Fi Exclamation Point from Phone?

Removing Wi-Fi exclamation point can be done from Wi-Fi setting on your phone. It is generally pretty easy and should be tried right after the exclamation point starts appearing on Wi-Fi connection symbol. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and you will be able to get rid of exclamation point from the screen.
  • Open the phone's "Setting"
  • Go to "Wireless and Network" and then "Wi-Fi
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  • Look for the name of the Wi-Fi network that you use. Press on the name for several seconds until a popup menu appears.
  • On the popup menu, select "Modify Network
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  • Scroll down until you find "Advanced Options" and tap it.
  • Select "IP Settings" and then select "Static" on the box underneath it. 
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  • Enter manually the network information asked on that section. After that, tap "Save"
  • Restart the device and then try to connect it again to the same Wi-Fi network.

Tips to Prevent Wi-Fi Exclamation Point from Reappearing

Even though Wi-Fi exclamation point is indicating that Wi-Fi connection is interrupted, there are several tips to prevent the problems from happening again. They are not mandatory but at least they will help to make sure the exclamation point on Wi-Fi icon will be prevented from happening in the future. Here they are.

1. Make Sure the ISP is Normal

The biggest possibility that will most likely cause Wi-Fi exclamation point to reappear again on the phone is when the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is not on good establishment. This is why you need to make sure that the ISP is normal. Everything, starting from the servers, cable, broadband, satellite, and so on, should be running fine with no problem within them.

2. Make Sure the Modem and Wireless Router are Turned On

This is probably a very silly possibility but it might happen anyway. To avoid having that Wi-Fi exclamation point on the screen, make sure the modem and wireless router of the Wi-Fi are both turned on and functioned properly. If those two devices are not working well, the phone will still get connected to a Wi-Fi but, obviously, with no internet connection to acquire.

3. Make Sure the Account is not Suspended

Last but not least, when Wi-Fi exclamation point appears, it may have something to do with your Wi-Fi account. Make sure that it is not suspended because you have missed your bills or something else. Just like problems with router and modem, when the Wi-Fi account is suspended, the phone is generally connected to a Wi-Fi but gains no internet connection at all due to the suspension.

Now it is all explained about removing the exclamation point on Wi-Fi from Android phone, particularly on Android Lollipop phones and gadget where this issue most likely to happen. The issue is easily fixed and has a lot of methods, too, to prevent it. That is why you should not panic when seeing the phone starting to have the Wi-Fi exclamation point on the bar.

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